Master the art of selling more

Today's savvy customers have more buying options than ever, so Sage invites you to sign up for an exciting program designed to help you boost sales no matter what business you're in.

Sign up now and over the next few days we'll send you a selection of top tips and exercises to drive fresh thinking in your company.

You’ll also receive a full-color e-book, “Top tips for effective selling,” full of valuable insights, strategies, and practical advice along with a variety of checklists, exercises, and actionable tips.

Another great part of the program is our online Sage CRM Resources that is just a click away. With its helpful blog and forums, you can interact with peers and industry experts.

This program will hone your skills in the following areas:

  • Accelerating your lead generation activities
  • Developing good customer lists
  • Improving the quality of sales calls
  • Preparing for difficult customer questions
  • Managing your sales pipeline
  • Understanding how a CRM solution can help improve sales
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