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Sage CRM Builder Enhancements

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In the new Sage CRM 2014, the Sage CRM Builder includes several enhancements that make it easier for the user to build custom modules to better suit their business needs. The ones we will discuss today are:
• Relationships screen redesign
• Many-to-Many relationships
• Related Single Entity Picker (RSEP) fields
• Enhancements to the Summary Screen stage

Three Myths Dispelled about Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Maybe Cloud computing could use a better name. The truth is, the concept of “the cloud” has been around for a long time. And maybe the misconceptions people have about it are remnants from the days when the Internet was still in its dial-up infancy, way back when we called a software hosting service an ASP (application service provider).  

Windows XP No Longer Supported

windows xp no longer supported april 2014

As of April 8th, 2014 Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP, after nearly a decade. This means that Sage has also stopped providing support for Sage CRM users on XP. Below are some helpful tips for those moving to a new(er) (supported) operating system.

5 New Enhancements in Sage 300 ERP 2014


Visual Process Flow Enhancements

When users are customizing process flows, they now have the ability to link elements to programs, reports, macros, and other process flows. This allows companies to create one landing page for their employees to create and customize entire workflows across numerous applications from one intuitive interface.

A Handful of Enhancements Found in Sage CRM 2014

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Sage CRM 2014 R1 is now released and there are many new enhancements introduced to the Sage CRM Builder. These enhancements simplify the process of building custom entities and business modules for your organization. 

Document Management: More than an Electronic File Cabinet

image001 (2)

A lot of what you hear about document management revolves around “going paperless” or “saving trees”, but for many companies the process improvement is a more significant benefit than the decrease in paper. For the sake of this article, we’ll take a look at the accounting department, but keep in mind these process improvements can occur anywhere in the organization. We will cover a couple of your every-day processes that could be done more efficiently with an integrated document management solution.

Improving Sage 300 ERP with Data Integrity Function

BLOG image

Nobody is perfect and mistakes happen. With that in mind, we’d like to share Sage 300 ERP’s Data Integrity function.

Make the Best Use of Your Business’ CRM

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With modern advances in technology, it is possible to automate virtually every process of your business, including marketing and sales lead management as well as order fulfillment and collections. Organizations often end up with data silos as a result of this modern technology. They will have marketing, sales, service and accounting data residing in several isolated applications. When your CRM is isolated from any other systems your organization has in place, you will be very limited.

Five Reasons to Move Your ERP or CRM System the Cloud


If you’re like a lot of businesses, you’ve heard of the Cloud and generally know what it means, but haven’t considered why it might be right for you — especially if you’re an ERP or CRM user. Like those clouds in the sky, a little daylight goes a long way to clear things up.

Introducing Sage 300 ERP 2014!

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We are happy to tell you about the release of Sage 300 ERP 2014 (previously ACCPAC 100, ACCPAC 200 and ACCPAC 500)! The latest release of Sage 300 ERP has an updated look and feel which includes a new interface and intuitive data entry screens. But there is more than that. There are connections to powerful mobile and analytic solutions that can help sales reps and management exceed customer expectations and increase their revenue. 

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