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What Method of Deployment Should I Use For My ERP System?

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Just a handful of years ago there was really only one deployment method for your ERP system, and it was on-premise using physical servers. Today we can categorize three types of deployment: 

5 tips for choosing an HRMS for your organization

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The people in your organization can be some of the most important assets, so use your due diligence when selecting a Human Resource Management System (HRMS). From the time of recruitment and onboarding to compensation and training, an HRMS can provide a database where all employee and vendor information is stored and utilized. A quality HRMS will allow your organization to easy view and measure the performance of management, with metrics to evaluate the ROI. 

What your sales executives will get out of Sage CRM.

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Operational CRM gives support to your organization's front office processes such as sales, marketing and customer service. Every interaction that takes place with a customer is added to a customer’s contact history, and employees can retrieve customer data from the database as needed.

Consider the cloud for your ERP system

cloud hosting

If you're like most people in the business world, you've heard about "The Cloud" by now. Today we're going to talk about why The Cloud is the best place for your ERP system.

Make Sage CRM compatible with IE 11

IE11LogoWe have all experienced trouble with browsers, and one that can be particularly fussy is Internet Explorer. Today we are going to discuss how to make Sage CRM compatible with IE 11. 

This issue is: If you are running Sage CRM 7.2 on Internet Explorer 11, you probably have run into various connectivity and display issues.

  1. Navigate to Sage CRM logon page,
  2. Click on the Compatibility View icon on the address bar,
  3. Enable Compatibility View mode for Sage CRM website,
  4. Click on Tools and Internet options.
  5. Select Security tab and click on Trusted Sites,
  6. Click on Sites button and add Sage CRM webpage to Trusted Sites list,
  7. Click on Close and restart Internet Explorer browser.
For help with any other issues you are facing with your CRM, or more information on this resolution please contact Equation Technologies today. We would be more than happy to help you with your Sage CRM or Sage 300 ERP system.

Improve human resource efficiency with Sage HRMS


Do you need a human resource department that is more efficient? Sage HRMS is a software solution that gives you everything you need to have first-class human resource management. Sage HRMS has one centralized database and will effectively reduce tedious clerical work and effectively manage, track, and report employee information.

Tired of pushing paper? Start automating your processes and approvals

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Are you tired of pushing paper and waiting for approvals? Are you having to continually manually enter data? Are you paying storage fees for your physical documents? If you are, today's article will be beneficial to you. 

Equation Tehcnologies can help solve these problems with a solution that is used with Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) that electronically stores documents, streamlines business processes using workflow, automates routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports and forms, and provides a way to instantly retrieve documents from a desktop computer or the internet.

Benefits of a Human Resource Management System

Excellence In HRM

Coming up with the potential benefits of an HRMS is as important as creating your initial business procedures. There are several HRMS options available today, and every one handles the HR function and integration in it's own way. When it comes time to consider an HRMS solution, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How will an HRMS help my business? Will it contribute to, or alter, your strategic advantage? This will help make the best decision when choosing an HRMS. 

Helpful Guide to Offering Time Off from Work

unlimited paid time off policies

Providing your employees with paid time off for holidays and vacations is a basic benefit that isn't too costly to businesses. In the end, payroll is a fixed expense every month. It is planned to spend so much money per month on salary and wages. It is rare to find a company that doesn't provide holiday and vacation pay benefits, and these companies are likely to start offering pay benefits.

World Cup Sales Tax Quiz!


It takes everything you've got to get ahead in the Global business (just like in the World Cup). Managing indirect taxes from various different countries is just one of the many challenges international companies face. Take the Avalara World Cup Tax Quiz for a fun way to learn about indirect tax compliance on a global scale. Just click through the deck to take the quiz!

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