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We Refine and Automate the System for Your Business

Experience shows that when evaluating software it's rare to find a solution that meets every requirement out of the box. After 25 years in the trenches, we're realistic about implementing software. A standard solution should meet at least 85 percent of your needs (ideally more). Even 85 percent can be challenging if the setup of the system is not done correctly. In some cases, the software will meet all of a company's needs. For those instances when it does not, software customization solves the other 10 to 15 percent of requirements.

How do you identify the requirements with the greatest impact to your bottom line? Making sure a system conforms to your workflows is our specialty. Once you've identified the right system, we help you objectively evaluate features on your wish-list. The best candidates for customization are your most pressing business needs. Key questions to ask when doing cost-benefit analysis for features on your wish-list include:

  • How does the feature add value to your operational efficiency?
  • How much time will the custom feature actually save?
  • What does the feature contribute to your level of customer service?

We help you automate functions that interact with other systems.

Accomplish more without adding people. Examples of successful customizations we've developed include:
  • Eliminating manual data entry
  • Automating crucial operations, sales and financial reports
  • Improving sales rep and Internet customer order flows
  • Creating bar coding that simplifies ordering, reduces errors
  • Streamlining invoice processes and increasing accuracy
  • Modifying reports to match your business

When prioritizing customization requests, we ask you the tough questions. We ensure that each customization results in bottom line savings. Call us and we'll help you find ways to improve operations, be more automated and run your business smoother.

If customizing software is not within your budget, we draw on our experience as consultants. We can also help you to refine your process to work with the new software and without customization.

Equation has helped to create and maintain an application infrastructure that Chef Works can count on to process a tremendous volume of orders each month.

We are proud that we can manage our systems on our own and incorporate new pieces as necessary. Once we had the framework in place, we were able to run with it. We appreciate that Equation Technologies was willing to work with us to get us to this level of independence, but we also appreciate that they are just a phone call away and always ready to give us the guidance we need.

Dave Roth - COO, Chef Works

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