ERP for Metal Industry Processors & Distributors

Get real-time access to analytic trends & see the true picture of your metal business financials by integrating iMetal & Sage Intacct.

We help metal processors and distributors better manage inventory, purchasing, accounting, customers & globalization with agile & innovative solutions.

As a robust metal distribution or processing business, you must contend with the needs and demands of customer groups and ever-changing needs, no matter your sector, material, or process. Jonas Metals Software’s (JMS) iMetal is the backbone of a modern metals business, providing a centralized platform to manage and streamline all core business processes and features powerful tools to enhance your company’s growth and profitability - specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the metals industry. By combining the iMetal solution with our Sage financial management solutions you can connect your entire ecosystem for improved scalability, profitability, and growth. 
Metals - Perfectly Integrated

Perfectly Integrated

Sage Intacct & Sage 300 are best-in-class accounting solutions that integrate perfectly with iMetals’ ERP for the metal industry to enhance financial visibility & improve operational efficiency. Let Sage take care of the numbers and manage your critical financial & operational metrics, so you can focus on growing and improving the bottom line.

Metal - All-In-One Platform

All-In-One Platform

Integrating Sage solutions with your iMetal software is key to running an efficient metal distribution or processing business. Leverage the latest automation to streamline your General Ledger, end-to-end Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable processes. We’ll help configure an all-in-one platform for greater collaboration between teams and increased cost efficiency through modernized workflows.
Metals - Focus on Value-Add Work

Focus on Value-Add Work

By integrating your metals ERP with a financial management solution, you can automate complex & manual financial processes. This increases accuracy, leads to better data-driven decisions, and removes repetitive tasks - increasing your team’s job satisfaction. For example, your company’s cash management can be processed in Sage and is automatically updated in iMetal’s account & invoice balances.
Metals - Seamlessly Tailored Solution

Seamlessly Tailored Solution

Our team can help you leverage Sage Intacct & Sage 300 by seamlessly tailoring your bank management, tax services, fixed assets, & financial reporting capabilities to fit your unique needs. Unifying your iMetals processing and/or distribution activities with Sage accounting data drives deeper analysis & greater insights across the organization so employees can focus on work that’s core to your business.

Metals - Build a Competitive Advantage

Build a Competitive Advantage

Growth doesn’t have to be painful. Accurately track your metal distribution or processing channels across multiple locations while reducing data entry & avoiding duplication of efforts. By combining the iMetal metals ERP with Sage 300 or Sage Intacct financial solutions you get faster access to critical real-time data & insights – giving you a competitive edge and heightened productivity.
Metals - Increased Business Agility

Increased Business Agility

Lower operation & inventory costs are key to business agility. Trust iMetal and Sage Metals ERP to provide you with complete control over your entire inventory process, from quoting & sales orders to production and shipping, and more. Real-time easy access and full traceability give you greater operational efficiency, optimizing and improving the quality of products & services while reducing your costs. 
30% Reduce the cost to ship by 20-30%
3 Shorten the close process by 2-3 weeks
100% Scale operations & increase sales by 30-100%

“Our industry-specific platforms support the manufacturing, sales, and distribution sides of our business, and they’re able to feed financial data right into Sage Intacct, which is now our single source of truth for financial reporting.” 

Elliot Woo - Kiva Confections, Senior Director of Accounting

Empowering Better Decisions with Software for Life. 

Real-time accurate information is vital to the modern metal processing or distribution business. Sage Intacct & Sage 300’s intuitive & visually stunning analytics, tailored reporting & dashboards are predictive & adaptive to help you easily identify patterns & hidden anomalies. Along with the iMetal metals ERP system, Sage lets you analyze data faster so you can ensure uninterrupted growth & win in the new digital world. With both iMetals and Sage focused on continuously improving their platforms and functionality, this combination creates the ideal ERP for metal industry businesses.