Nonprofit  Accounting Software

Keep Up with the Different Legal Requirements While Staying Focused on Your Mission and Bottom Line

Sage Intacct caters to the rare needs of nonrofits by helping to simplify your country specific business accounting.

Use Sage Intacct as a single source of financial truth that’s available in real-time instantaneously no matter where you’re located. Produce various reports as required by slicing and dicing dimension data that non-profits need like statement of activities, FAS 117/958, cash restrictions, etc. even while operating multiple non-profit locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Nonprofits - Real Time Accurate Reporting

Real-Time Accurate Reporting

Using nonprofit accounting software can improve and enrich communication to stakeholders and donors using real-time accurate reporting and dashboard metrics that you trust. Track funding trends and statistics via dimensionality to ensure revenue streams and cost areas match the non-profit mission statement, like volunteer hours, awards issued, temporary housing purchase, and rentals.

Nonprofits - Automate Billing Processes

Automate Billing Processes

Do away with countless manual Excel spreadsheets and instead streamline and automate time-consuming billing processes that raise your finance productivity. With Sage Intacct’s significantly improved dimensionality over GL account structure with COAs, you can get 2,000+ accounts down to 200. You also can track within a single transaction using a single GL account. For example, a donor, restrictions of funds (if any), which grant it is applied to.

Nonprofits - Strategic data driven decisions

Strategic Data Driven Decisions

Real-time visibility guides strategic data-driven decisions. Equation Technologies, in combination with Sage Intacct’s best-in-class nonprofit accounting software, helps you build revenue through better operational reporting and data analytics that makes you more proactive in your decision-making.
Nonprofits - Higher Performance Visibility

Higher Performance Visibility

Sage Intacct offers its users dynamic allocations that facilitate month end shared cost distribution across cost centers. For example, automating the allocation of finance overhead across all operational cost centers based on FTE per cost center. You gain higher visibility into the performance of different areas within your non-profit.
Nonprofits - Financial Stability

Financial Stability

Increasing demands on accountability, visibility, and transparency for nonprofits can result in missed funding and income opportunities. Sage Intacct helps you achieve a granular level of accuracy that increases your non-profit’s financial stability and profitability and improves the management of your deferred revenue while reducing revenue leakage.

Nonprofits - Increased Competitve Edge

Increased Competitive Edge

Your nonprofit accounting software should help you grow your non-profit business, not hamper it. Save hours of time through automation and allocate those efforts towards activities that generate a higher ROI, like continuous improvement tasks, and other profit generating initiatives. With Sage Intacct employed in your business, you can utilize best practices for non-profit accounting and confidently prioritize projects to stay ahead of industry challenges and risks.
75% Increase efficiency by 75% with automation.
90% Leverage integrations to reduce AP and payroll workloads by 70% and 90%, respectively.
400% Streamline global financial operations and achieve a 400% ROI.


"When it was time to implement a new, modern, cloud-based financial management software, we knew we wanted Equation involved.”

Robert Berman - CASA/LA, Chief Financial Officer

Find Purpose In What You Do

Drive your nonprofit’s mission towards the future with better financial management and records keeping. Maintain transparency with financials and business operations by merging all your business operations into one innovative and scalable solution.