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Maintain Compliance &  Profitability through Automation

Our team of experts can provide the best healthcare finance software solution that’s right for your business today and in the future.

By putting U.S. and Canadian customers first, we help them better meet their country’s data residency and privacy laws. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has created an in-country presence in Canada to help scale and accelerate operations while keeping regulatory compliance simple no matter where in the cloud it resides.
Healthcare  - Data Driven Decisions

Data Driven Decisions

Increase revenue by making confident data-driven decisions from previously undetected trends in income and cash flow. Enhanced dashboard visualization and deeper insights gives you the visibility on all levels necessary to make operational improvements that effectively manage healthcare organizations across the U.S. and Canada.
Healthcare  - Scalability & Growth

Scalability & Growth

Equation Technologies knows that scalability and adaptability matters in the healthcare industry. Our experts , and Sage Intacct's healthcare finance software, work with you and your team to identify gaps and configure solutions to meets your current business needs, in addition to setting you up to become a future ready company.
Healthcare - Audit Trail & Privacy Complicance

Audit Trails & Privacy Compliance

Stop relying on deficient data analysis processes that use incomplete or outdated metrics. Sage Intacct’s healthcare finance software solution provides role-based workflows, advanced audit trails, and privacy compliant security that gives peace of mind that your healthcare business’s personal information is protected and meets strict and evolving Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) regulatory requirements.
Healthcare - Improve Processes w Integrations

Improve Processes with Integrations

Streamline key financials and healthcare accounting processes and eliminate manual paper-based workflows by integrating with other healthcare systems using an open API platform. A custom built-in API allows for easy integration to practice management systems for both financial and statistical data. It also easily integrates with Epic Systems EMR and EHR so you can combine financial insight & automated workflows with patient data, all while being HIPAA compliant.
Healthcare - Eliminate Manual Transactions

Eliminate Manual Transactions

Drive agility and growth by eliminating manual intercompany transactions. Use Sage Intacct's healthcare finance software to find new ways to improve performance that allow multiple matching rules to facilitate patient and insurance provider payment reconciliation. By integrating your EHR or EMR as well, you can easily maintain HIPAA compliant patient data & financial information all while automating purchasing and payment workflows.
Healthcare - Improved Reporting & KPIs

Improved Reporting & KPIs

Understand your healthcare business’s true financial health and achieve more strategic goals with automated tracking of KPIs through custom dashboards and powerful multi-entity reporting. Enable reporting on non-financial and statistical metrics in real time with financial data. For example, the number of patients per facility + site revenue = revenue per patient, revenue per physician, doctor per bed, and room occupancy rates and costs.
25% Increase revenues by 25% without adding additional head count
400 Save over 400 person-hours annually
AICPA Sage Intacct is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants only preferred provider of cloud financials.


"Equation is always updating me on products and services they think may help us be more efficient. Whenever we call for help, someone is there for us."

Cheryl Soule - NBMC Medical Centers, Human Resources Coordinator

Best in Class = Best in Care

Provide optimal patient care by modernizing your healthcare ERP software. Streamline revenue accounting by leveraging best-in-class financial software to automatically recognize revenue recognition using AICPA standards. With Equation Technologies’ adeptness, your healthcare business will gain deeper revenue insights and reduce ambiguity with clear and candid reporting.