Sage 300

One of the most widely used accounting & ERP solutions for small and medium companies

Whether your business has one office or several locations in the same city or around the world, Sage 300 provides the features and flexibility you need to manage accounting, finance, operations, and inventory in multiple languages and currencies.  The preferred software for tens of thousands of companies around the globe, Sage 300 is one of the most widely-used ERP solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

Key Features of Sage 300

Modern Web Interface – Sage 300 looks and works like other web applications you already use so you’re up a running quickly with a shorter learning curve than many other ERP products.

Mobile Access – because it’s web-based, Sage 300 works on just about any device so you have access to business and transactional data in the office or on the road.

Flexibility and Power When You Need It – whether you run a small neighborhood business or multiple companies that span the globe, the features and modules of Sage 300 will scale your business grows or changes.

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Advanced Inventory Management – take control of your inventory with advanced features for purchasing, order processing, shipping, receiving, returns processing, and multi-warehouse management. You’ll also improve inventory forecasts and optimize stock levels using Sage Inventory Advisor.

More Intelligence Reporting – make more timely and informed business decisions using the real-time data and analytics provided by the built-in business intelligence reporting features of Sage 300.

Integrated Modules

Here are some of the optional, integrated modules that work hand-in-hand with Sage 300 to help you manage your business from the front to the back office and from payroll to payment processing:

  • Sage CRM – customer relationship management
  • Sage HRMS – human resources and payroll processing
  • Sage Fixed Assets – fixed asset management
  • Sage Payment Solutions – integrated payment processing
  • Budgeting and Forecasting – advanced planning and forecasting tools
  • Accounts Payable Automation – automate manual tasks from A/P processing
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Sage 300 FAQs

Does the software run in the cloud?

Sage 300 runs through a browser or classic desktop is still available.  You can install on your server, data center or request Sage 300 to be hosted.

What’s the difference between Sage 300 and the former “Accpac” or “Sage 300cloud”?

Sage has had a lot of name changes over the years.  The core features and database names are still very similar but the user interface and extended features have had significant changes.  If you used Accpac in the past you will be surprised by the new features and pleased the core features have remained.  

How is Sage 300 priced?

Pricing is subscription and based on per user.  There are 3 additions available based on functionality needed; Standard, Advanced and Complete.

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Alex Eng - Md7, Controller

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