Professional Services Software

A centralized ERP for professional services firms that meticulously tracks KPIs and skyrockets productivity so you can focus on continuous value-add activities that improve customer service and grow your service-based business.

Sage Intacct is a flexible accounting software solution that manages your service-based business’s core financials and important documents without you ever having to touch a single piece of paper.

To thrive as a service-based firm in this competitive industry, you need to choose the right professional services software. With Sage Intacct’s built-in automation features for documents, resources, projects, and billing, you can ensure your day-to-day essentials are easily accessible anywhere and at any time without added complexity.
Professional Services - Improved Financial Performance

Improved Financial Performance

Let our team help build integrity into your financial reporting and improve your financial performance using Sage Intacct’s unified revenue recognition feature. We work with you to simplify your services rendered and customer billing process while maximizing profitability so you can make informed and assured investment decisions that improve business longevity.
Professional Services - Statistical Account Tracking

Statistical Account Tracking

Gain additional layers of insights otherwise not known with Sage Intacct’s powerful statistical account tracking reporting tool. Accurately measure and report on non-monetary accounts such as square footage, headcount, labor hours, and more with the ideal ERP for professional services.
Professional Services - Automate Project Tracking

Automate Project Tracking

Streamline project tracking using automation and mobile timesheets so you can get work out the door quicker. Doesn’t matter the size of the project, Sage Intacct can accommodate small to large-sized projects relieving you of the headache and stress of juggling multiple tasks and activities while also ensuring projects are within scope, on budget, and on time.
Professional Services - Customizable Workflows

Customizable Workflows

Better track and manage projects, their costs, billings, quote-to-cash cycles, and expenses by automating your project accounting with Sage Intacct’s seamless and customizable workflows that can be applied across your entire organizations. Use Sage Intacct’s built-in APIs to unify with other 3rd party applications, like Salesforce CRM, and help to simplify external processes you depend on.
Professional Services - Improved Information Sharing

Improved Information Sharing

Gauge business value and performance by easily and quickly measuring your return rate, plus all the other calculations you need to know to run a successful service-based business. Within a few months, you will become more efficient in streamlining paperwork, increasing access to real-time data, and improving information sharing, all of which provide savings that can be put back into your business for reinvestments.
Professional Services - Optimized Churn Metrics

Optimized Churn Metrics

Gain a competitive advantage and predict customer behavior by quickly calculating your churn metrics so you can proactively intervene and correct course before it’s too late. With Sage Intacct’s churn measurement feature, you can slice and dice your important data to gain the deep insight that is needed to diagnose and address critical trends.
55 Save 55 hours on monthly workflows and reporting
66% Reduce the monthly close 66% from 30 days to just 10
16 Greater productivity for project reporting—saving 16 hours per month.


"Equation Technologies staff is always very helpful and responsive. Their customer service is top-notch and they have made it very easy for us to succeed."

Teresa Terrel - Expense Reduction Analysts, Controller

Decisions that Drive Wealth

In the professional services industry, demand and expectation are high, and you often must look beyond the bottom line to satisfy customer needs. With the help of Sage Intacct's ERP for professional services and the collaborative partnership with our team, we help you eliminate the pain of manual tedious processes, the frustration of multiple disconnected systems, and the discomfort of basing major business decisions off bad data or “best guesses”.