ERP Software for the Technology Industry

Have confidence you can keep up with demand while producing high-quality software products that capture value.

Our team helps SaaS companies bolster innovation so you can proactively scale with market trends and remain ahead of competitors.

As a tech company, you live in a fast-paced world. Our team’s extensive experience helping SaaS & Subscription companies, combined with Sage Intacct’s highly integrative cloud-based system, allows you to stop wasting effort on manual spreadsheet-heavy processes and focus more on growth and modernization.

Technology - Track Projects in Real-Time

Track Projects in Real-Time

All businesses require some sort of project management, and this is no exception in the tech industry. With Sage Intacct, you can effortlessly track projects in real-time with a highly flexible and intuitive, yet powerful, dedicated project platform. With precise tracking of costs and profits, you’re assured valuable resources are managed efficiently across all areas of your business.
Technology - Consistent Sustainable Growth

Consistent Sustainable Growth

Increase revenue and enjoy consistent sustainable growth with enhanced SaaS metrics that investors care about, like customer churn, gross churn, CAC, CLTV, CMRR, and critical KPIs. When you know the overall financial health of your business, if you’re exceeding or lagging on targets and long-term goals, you can make reliable and smart data-driven decisions. Influence & grow your future success using  tailored accounting software for subscription businesses.
Technology - Multi-Revenue Stream Tracking

Multi-Revenue Stream Tracking

With multiple revenue streams that all need to be tracked & managed, tech companies can future-proof their business using Sage Intacct’s automated multi-revenue stream tracking. With specific accounting software for a subscription business, you can simplify revenue streams so you worry less about organizing complex subscription billings and can concentrate more on creating a profitable and thriving company.
Technology - Advanced Revenue Recognition

Advanced Revenue Recognition

Reduce ambiguity and ensure compliance & scalability with advanced revenue recognition functionality. Simplify your revenue management processes and share deep revenue insights that come with clear reporting that predict future results and drives developments.
Technology - Valuable Data Insights

Valuable Data Insights

Built-in customizable dashboards and broad reporting capabilities provide valuable data insights that are an integral part of businesses in the technology industry. Instantaneous and accurate subscription billings and cash-flow data allows for predictive data analytics that improves operations, optimizes customer and investor relationships, and identifies future outcomes way ahead of your competitors.
Technology - Business Opportunities That Fuel Growth

Business Opportunities that Fuel Growth

We understand and appreciate the challenges of the technology industry – from subscription billing to investor management to scaling quickly to custom integrations with your unique tech stack. Collaboratively, we help businesses find opportunities that fuel development and growth for their team and business.
60% Reduce quote-to-cash processing time by up to 60%
400% Grow up to 400% without additional finance headcount
79% Cut the financial close by up to 79%


"Thanks to the automation and visibility we've gained with Sage Intacct, I can now spend 75% of my energy analyzing our financial information and making operational decisions that impact the business." 

Karen Adame - JumpStart, Managing Partner

Sage Intacct = A Powerful Foundation

Technology isn’t just an industry. It affects people, culture, and the economy. The businesses in this industry must be efficient in innovation and invention to meet the needs of the world now and tomorrow. Scalable ERP solutions, like Sage Intacct, are cognizant of this and, along with our responsive approach, provide accounting software for subscription businesses. We help you create a powerful foundation that is adaptable and accessible for years to come.