Sage ERP Implementation - Start and End with a Single Team

Implementation Success Starts and Ends With Equation Technologies

Even with great planning, software implementation is complex and challenging. During the implementation phase, you need an advocate at your side. An experienced consultant that listens carefully, understands your business, and knows exactly how the new system must perform.

At Equation Technologies, we do just that.

We’ve developed a unique ERP system implementation process as a result of hundreds of successful projects. The key is our combined sales and implementation team. The same consultant that helped you choose your system will be involved at each step of the implementation.

Half of our clients come to us as a result of ERP implementation failure.

Best Practice


  • The implementation is timed to minimize impacts to your business
  • If any problems arise, they are resolved once and for all
  • It is easy for your employees to learn the new system

Advanced Project Management


  • An initial planning meeting
  • Step-by-step detailed project plan document and timeline
  • Accurate project estimates for time and costs
  • Complete configuration tracking and implementation setup
  • New reports run and appear as described
  • All data is migrated accurately

Network Design and Architecture

  • A design document detailing customizations and programming plans
  • Proper performance of your network and secure access to your system
  • All newly automated and integrated processes flow as planned

Steps to Ensure a Successful Implementation



Needs Analysis - Review your company's goal and objectives

Review your companies goal and objectives before recommending software and services.


Needs Analysis - Personalization

The foundation of a successful implementation.


Needs Analysis - Setup and configuration

Proper installation and setup of the system.


Needs Analysis - QA and deployment

Configuring the system specifically for your company.


Needs Analysis - System Go-Live

Smooth cut-over to your new system!


Implementation is where our consultants' combined software product and business expertise pay off for you.

Because we've all worked in industry ourselves-as accountants, operations people, or owners-we know how to identify and resolve potential roadblocks.

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