TimeClockPlus - An All-in-One Time and Attendance Management System

Timeclock PlusTime collection and payroll is a critically important part of any business since labor, for many companies, represents the single biggest expense. For companies that track time and attendance manually, the process can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly.

TimeClockPlus is a simple, all-in-one Time and Attendance system. Incorporating 30+ years of customer feedback and time and attendance expertise, TimeClockPlus has developed into one highly configurable application.

Some of the main features of TimeClockPlus are:

  • Cloud-Based Time Tracking. You can access and approve employee hours at any time, from anywhere, from any device.
  • Security by Design. An industry-leader in protecting sensitive data, TimeClockPlus designs security into the product at every step.\
  • Consistent User Experience. Time clock hardware, software, and mobile apps share a standardized, intuitive user experience.
  • Flexible Licensing Model. Only pay for what you need – license just the modules your business requires.
  • Workforce Management. Time Collection, Employee Scheduling, Time Off Management, and more all-in-one application.
  • Real-Time Reporting. Let dashboards and automated reports provide a real-time window into your workforce to maximize labor efficiency.

TimeClockPlus offers various modules to meet your specific business needs:

  • Time and Attendance. View employee hours, who's on break, who's on leave and monitor overtime.
    • Approve timesheets
    • Manage time off requests
    • Control labor costs
    • Job code breakdown
    • Monitor exceptions
    • Schedule automations
    • Track employee time
    • Enforce policies
  • Leave Management. Automated Accruals, Leave and Absence Management so you can give yourself a vacation from managing time-off.
    • Time off approvals
    • Mutliple views (leave schedules in calendar lists or dashboards)
    • Filterable views
    • Timeclock messaging
    • FMLA requests
    • Request methods
    • Request templates
  • Employee Scheduling. The perfect ingredients for employee scheduling so you can ditch the spreadsheets and efficiently schedule your workforce. Give your employees the flexibility to view and manage their schedules so you can tackle other tasks.Timeclock Plus 2
  • Automated scheduling
  • Open shift assignments
  • Manager dashboards
  • Shift boards and rosters
  • Exception reporting
  • Leave management
  • Employee qualifications
  • Drag and drop scheduling


  • Mobile Application. You Need the Flexibility of Mobile Apps to track your workforce and control labor costs wherever you do business.
    • iOS and Adroid AppsTimeclock Plus 3
    • Mobile app restrictions
    • Biometric supported
    • Mobile Kiosk
    • Subsearch Plus
    • Geo location services
    • Image capture
    • Mobile manager
  • Time Collection. Time Clock Devices that let you accurately collect and report on employee punches in real-time. In addition to clocking in and out, TimeClockPlus clocks allow employees to complete other self-service functions.
    • Unified clocking operations
    • Accurate track labor
    • Biometric and Proximity
    • Manage schedules
    • Employee leave management
    • Restrict clock operations
    • View hours worked
    • IP and Geo tracking
  • Substitute Management. Simple, all-in-one, substitute management software to empower teachers, substitutes, and administrators to collaboratively cover classrooms.
    • Automated sub requests
    • Mobile app notifications
    • Request favorite subs
    • All-in-one integration solution
    • Time and attendance
    • Subscription-based
    • Transparency for all

A time and attendance management system provides a wealth of information and reports at your fingertips.  Real-time data will not only help you make better payroll decisions, it will also help you make better overall operational decisions.  By accurately capturing and analyzing the time it takes to complete specific tasks, you’ll have a better picture of your true costs and can make better management decisions.

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Charter School Management Corporation (CSMC)

“One of the things we appreciated most was Equation’s down-to-earth approach to helping us. They listened to everything we wanted to achieve with our implementation and together we came up with a solution customized for us. We appreciated being part of the process and not just told what to do,” said Dorian. “The on-going support we receive is excellent and reliable.”

Dorian Bell - Controller

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