Hotel & Restaurant Accounting Software Solutions

Guide major decisions with deeper visibility into financial performance & advance your hospitality business toward success.

We help hospitality companies better understand the bigger picture, without losing sight of the small details, so they can drive growth & profits.

Your goal is to provide customers with an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to help you scale your hotel or restaurant accounting software solution so that your business can adapt and grow as complexities grow. Our team’s expertise, combined with Sage Intacct's advanced automation functionality, saves operational costs, improves visibility, and provides real-time data instantly. 
Restaurant accounting software

Real-Time Insights That Matter

Across multi-locations, gather real-time insights that matter, like guests per hotel per weekend, the number of covers by restaurant per month, and your revenue by location, service type, or event. Drill down into the granular details of each metric and KPI to uncover trends and opportunities necessary to make critical time-sensitive business decisions that either sink, swim, or grow a business. 
hotel accounting software

Detailed Reporting

We'll show you how to use dimensions in Sage Intacct’s hotel and restaurant accounting software for separate locations, internal projects, tracking renovation activities, and more. You can see specific metrics by selecting a location, a group of locations, a theme, a region, or any dimension necessary to measure the results you’re looking for. Let dimensional detailed reporting transform your hospitality business!
hotel accounting software

Workflow Automation

Sage Intacct’s built-in comprehensive workflow automation makes complex financial processes manageable. You can have the system send reminder notifications when something is due, rather than having to go back in & check, and have your team create recurring checklists so they don’t have to remember every single detail that needs to be done.
hotel accounting software

Centralized Platform for Simplicity

Our team can help you leverage Sage Intacct and streamline corporate consolidations so they simplify and influence your most critical budget planning and strategic decisions. Having all your data in one centralized place saves your team time, does away with error-prone spreadsheets, and provides your decision-makers with the tools and techniques to make informed business recommendations. 

hotel accounting software

Data Visualization Tools

Grow to be the best in the service industry by changing time-consuming errors, manual procedures, and reliance on spreadsheets to be a thing of the past. Easily create role-based dashboards and colorfully detailed reporting using Sage Intacct’s best-in-class data visualization tools to slice and dice numbers, drive data decisions, and increase sales, while also personalizing your customer’s experience.  
Restaurant accounting software

Increased Efficiency & Accuracy

The future of operations is automation. Increase efficiency and accuracy by automating account payables across multi-currencies and inter-entity detailed transactions. With an industry-specific hotel accounting & restaurant accounting software solution, you can take advantage of modernization and gain better reliability and staff accountability by automating the routing for approvals, including the journal entry approvals process.
2 Set up new entities in two days, not 20 days
<3 Shorten monthly close from 10 to <3 days
90% Reduce accounts payable & payroll workloads by 70% & 90%


“We absolutely made the right choice. Working with Equation Technologies has made a big difference. They know the ins and outs of our system and the entire team is extremely knowledgeable.” 

Gregg Kleminsky - Ayres Hotels, Regional Controller

Focus on the Ultimate Guest Experience

It's important for your team to stay dedicated to coming up with that next best mouth-watering dish or the most unique & unforgettable honeymoon package. Scalable cloud-based ERP systems, like Sage Intacct, let you do just that with their hospitality management solution that tracks real-time performance and critical financials across all locations. With our extensive experience working with fellow hospitality industry clients, we can help you leverage the latest performance-enhancing software to simplify financial reporting and optimize workflows & revenue streams so you can take your business to the next level.