Distribution Management Software Solution

Our experts can help you achieve unparalleled flexibility in your distribution company by leveraging Sage Intacct’s robust distribution management software. 

Enhance your operations and payroll workflows using automation & intelligence offered through top-tier business & distribution management software, optimized by our industry experts for your distribution business. 

Our team has worked with distribution companies across North America for decades, helping them manage the industry changes. We understand that from overseeing warehousing and logistics to efficiently managing inventory & supply chain operations, distribution companies function at a level of their own and demand an agile technology solution built for their specific needs. Sage Intacct’s powerful payroll & distribution management software rapidly delivers deep, rich insights & enhances your team’s productivity, ensuring your distribution business remains competitive in a fast-paced industry. 
Distribution - Advanced Inventory Management

Advanced Inventory Management

Automate repetitive tasks and gain better control of your lot & serial tracking, order generation, and replenishment triggers. Sage Intacct’s advanced inventory management features provide an accurate and full 365-degree view of your inventory, so you aren’t forced to rely on “best guesses” that hinder growth & profitability.

Distribution - Seamless EDI & API Connectors

Seamless EDI & API Connectors

Connecting with manufacturers, suppliers, and customers is critical in the distribution industry for driving profitability. With our sophisticated EDI & API connectors, we can seamlessly integrate Sage Intacct to unify all your systems, like eCommerce & CRM platforms. Our team brings industry-specific expertise that will guarantee smooth operations and enhance communication.
Distribution - End-to-End Visibility

End-to-End Visibility

Quickly analyze real-time insights into the performance & operations of your distribution business using the easy-to-edit Interactive Custom Report Writer. Easy to edit custom dashboards, powered by business intelligence with drill-down capabilities, give your team end-to-end visibility empowering them to make immediate, informed decisions that drive transformative change & success.
Distribution - Modern General Ledger Accounting

Modern General Ledger Accounting

Our advanced accounting & industry experience will help modernize and transform your reporting, consolidations, and budgeting processes. Our general ledger automation software can help you make intelligent, data-driven financial decisions that go beyond the surface with automatic & continuous insights that uncover hidden business opportunities & risks.

Distribution - Flexible Order Management

Flexible Order Management

Streamline & simplify your distribution order management processes by removing manual work and optimizing your multi-channel order entry processes. From quotes to orders to picking, shipping, and invoicing, Sage Intacct has you covered through complexity, sales tax, inventory challenges, and unique pricing structures.
Distribution - Go Global

Go Global

Our distribution management software offers multi-entity, multi-currency, and multilingual tools, simplifying consolidation and expediting month-end close, allowing you to confidently expand your global distribution company. With Sage Intacct, we can also improve your efficiency by automating purchase orders, receipts, invoices, returns, and credits.
25% Achieve 25% faster quote-to-cash cycles
50% Slash close time by 50%
5 min Shorten bank reconciliations from 5 hours to 5 minutes

“We are proud that we can manage our systems on our own and incorporate new pieces as necessary. Once we had the framework in place, we were able to run with it. We appreciate that Equation Technologies was willing to work with us to get us to this level of independence, but we also appreciate that they are just a phone call away and always ready to give us the guidance we need.”


Dave Roth - Chief Operating Officer, Chef Works

Cash management software that grows with you.

In an industry that has high competition and pressure, low margins, and supply chain uncertainties, you need smart, cloud-based accounting software to help manage your cash flow. Constant monitoring of where your cash is coming & going in real-time is crucial to staying in control and one step ahead. Sage Intacct’s cash management automation software helps distribution companies identify areas of concern, so you can make fast decisions that get your business back on track and back on the road to profitability.


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