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Why Do I Need Business Intelligence?

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Increase visibility - Business intelligence works with data from your business to provide a clear, timely, and relevant reporting system that will improve your visibility, give you an opportunity to take meaningful actions, and make better informed business decisions.

Drive profitability - Business intelligence provides a clear view of how your customer relationships, product mix, marketing efforts, and salespeople affect profitability, so you can change your bottom line and create an advantage above competition.

Improve decision making - Business intelligence allows you to view important business data in an easy to read format. You can now get this data to the right people when they need it, making it easier to make faster, smarter decisions.

Streamline reporting - Business intelligence will pull business data directly from your existing ERP solution and deliver this business-critical data on demand in real time, with drill-down functionality to easily access transactional details.


The Connector enables you to access and consolidate information from multiple sources.

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Run existing reports, in real time, when you want them.  This limited license allows employees to view specific reports assigned to them.

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“We like working with Equation Technologies because they were very good at listening to us and understanding our whole business. They looked at everything and presented us with options as opposed to just telling us what we should do,” said Debbie. “They are always very prompt in responding to whatever we need.”

Debbie Gahan - Controller

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