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Give Your Team a Resource They Can Always Count on... Top-Notch Support

Studies, as well as our long-standing clients, tell us that many businesses underestimate the importance of service when choosing a business process solution partner.

We've offered superior support since the inception of Equation. We tailor our System Support to the needs of your business.

With today's high-speed Internet connections, we can service your needs immediately from our desktop to yours. You don't have to wait for us to drive to your location! Do you prefer onsite support? Over the telephone support? Do you prefer online technical support using email? We provide the support option that fits your business best.

Responding to your day-to-day software problems is our highest priority. Here are examples of the types of software problems we resolve remotely for our clients everyday:

  • View, diagnose and solve software problems online.
  • Help you identify and solve software problems and glitches.
  • Take a snapshot of a problem, analyze it and then upload a "patch" to solve the problem-all from our technical center.
  • And not just problem solving. We offer alternative processes to make system more effective.
  • Run applications, ensuring proper installation & configuration
  • Download patches or updates to your computer
  • Upload files for analysis
  • Demonstrate products
  • Provide training on new features

Project Recovery: Capture the value of your investment

The impact of a mismanaged ERP implementation reverberates across the entire enterprise, and filters inefficiencies and bad data throughout your entire operational process and workflow. Is this what you had in mind when you made the decisione to invest in a better solution? Nearly half of our clients have come to us as a result of mismanaged implementation. We take great pride in working with companies to get them back on track. Through client feedback and our own experience, we have developed a checklist of indicators which may point to problematic implementation.

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"We have been though a lot of Sage software support vendors through the years, and it was a non-stop struggle. Admittedly we are a high urgency, high demand, little to no notice group. Equation Tech is the only vendor we have had that meets our needs every time, regardless. They are all highly knowledgeable, fast and friendly."

Kerstin G. Kubina, Director, Billing and Collections - TMG

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