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Project Recovery: Capture the value of your investment

The impact of a mismanaged ERP implementation reverberates across the entire enterprise, and filters inefficiencies and bad data throughout your entire operational process and workflow. Is this what you had in mind when you made the decisione to invest in a better solution? Nearly half of our clients have come to us as a result of mismanaged implementation. We take great pride in working with companies to get them back on track. Through client feedback and our own experience, we have developed a checklist of indicators which may point to problematic implementation.

During the sales process, did the company you purchased from:

  • Ask a lot of questions about your business?
  • Take the time to understand the business completely?
  • Provide a Proof of Concept document that outlines your workflows?
  • Develop a comprehensive Project Plan that includes budget, timeline and resources?

During the implementation, did you feel like the company you purchased from:

  • Was learning the system right along with you?
  • Became disengaged, or unresponsive to your phone calls or emails?
  • Was not forthcoming with critical information?
  • Did not present you with enough options on how things could be done?
  • Advised you to change your business process to match the system?
  • Told you "no" when you asked for reports or customizations?

No doubt these experiences are frustrating and add to the stress of a new system being implemented while you still are running the day-to-day operations of your buisness. If any of these sounds like your situation, please give us a call at 866.436.3530. Equation Technologies strives to help you be the champon of your system. It's not too late to turn your implementation around.

We have been though a lot of Sage software support vendors through the years, and it was a non-stop struggle.

“Equation Tech is the only vendor we have had that meets our needs every time, regardless. They are all highly knowledgeable, fast and friendly. They are also very reasonably priced”

Kerstin G. Kubina - Director, Billing and Collections McMURRY/TMG

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