Sage Inventory Advisor

Optimize you inventory management
-- reduce stock outs, excess inventory, and working capital

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The Benefits of Sage Inventory Advisor

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Sage Inventory Advisor - Take control of your inventory management

Take back control of your inventory

Sage Inventory Advisor provides inventory demand planning with Sage 300. It allows companies to reduce excess inventory, minimize stock-outs, and manage inventory replenishment. Think of it as a user friendly and intuitive Sage 300 MRP.

Become an informed business

Sage Inventory Advisor extends the Sage 300 core operation modules, Inventory Control and Purchase Order. While the IC and PO modules primarily focus on processing and managing transactions; the Inventory Advisor leverages that transactional data to provide another dimension that extends the planning, forecasting, and then ultimately, production.

Sage Inventory Advisor - Dashboard

Inventory management best practices

When inventory is optimized, the impact to the bottom line can be significant. Sage Inventory Advisor helps keep you in line by:

  • Diagnoses and identifies current low stock, replenishment, and overage problems
  • Provides early warning of potential stock-outs, protecting your fill rate and minimizing lost sales
  • Quickly and accurately forecasts future sales, taking seasonal fluctuations into account
  • Analyzes past vendor and supply chain performance and lead times
  • Classifies your inventory using both value and volume, to focus inventory investment
  • Frees up capital tied up in overages while improving fill rates and reducing stock-outs

Key features of Sage Inventory Advisor

  • It is a secure, cloud-based application
  • Implements in as little as 30 minutes and is accessible 24/7 on any web-connected device
  • Connects directly to Sage 300 ERP system requiring no additional equipment or customization

Our very own Erica Burles, President of Equation Technologies, was recently a guest on Sage’s Thought Leadership Podcast with Ed Kless. Erica was asked to speak about Sage Inventory Advisor from NETSTOCK.

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“There’s no question that it is a worthwhile investment for us. Our investment in Sage Inventory Advisor started to pay off within our first week of using it.”

Shawn Stewart - Director of Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing, Ukrop’s Dress Express

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