The Impact of Technology on Metal Production Companies

It’s no secret that technology significantly impacts the way companies run their business and how it revolutionizes many aspects of their operations. It’s no different in the metal production industry either where they are also seeing the long-term game-changing benefits of technology. Metal businesses everywhere are looking for scalable metal technology, like Sage Intacct and iMetal software, to help them achieve growth and operational excellence. 

At the astonishing pace that metal technology is changing, it’s now more important than ever to not fall behind. Here are several ways in which technology has had transformative effects on metal production companies around the globe, and why you need to get in on the action now.


The future of manufacturing begins and ends with automation. The manufacturing industry has the potential to be one of the most impacted by automation with over 60% of global manufacturing activities becoming automated. iMetal software automates most manufacturing functions like inventory management, quality control, material requirements, production planning, and more. It automatically sorts and tracks raw materials, stocked items, work-in-process, and finished products cutting down on manual time-consuming work and increasing production output. 

Configured with Sage Intacct, iMetal automation allows you to better manage your end-to-end manufacturing processes resulting in increased productivity. If you’re looking to maximize efficiency and eliminate labor-intensive tasks that exhaust time and resources (if you’re reading this, we’ll assume you are), automation is the answer to these problems.

Data Insights & Reporting

Access to real-time predictive analytics and robust reporting for inventory, warehousing, fulfillment, and material sourcing is key to successfully managing a metal production company. Not only that but at the exponential rate that business data is growing (fun fact: it would take an Internet user about 181 million years to download all data from the web today) it’s increasingly becoming more and more of a struggle to manage it all. Technology is a necessity to handle the massive volumes of data. No matter how data-savvy your staff is, they can’t do it on their own.

While iMetal software doesn’t handle accounting, Sage Intacct will… and well, with dimensional accounting, custom dashboards, user-based reporting, and more. Connecting your metal production business with iMetal and Sage Intacct provides a centralized solution that seamlessly feeds all your iMetal data and information right into Sage Intacct creating a fully integrated financial data solution that can be accessed by everyone in real-time.

Improved Supply Chain Management

Iron and steel comprise about 95% of all the tonnage of metal produced annually in the United States and the world. You can just imagine how important it is then to have an effective supply chain that meets the demand for this essential material. The iMetal and Sage Intacct combo creates a metals ERP that provides a stainless-steel business with a more complete inventory management system.

After implementation, you’ll immediately notice improved real-time inventory visibility into stock levels, as well as enhanced tracking of materials and better control. This ensures minimized stockouts and reduced carrying costs. With accurate inventory information that’s always up to date and accurate, you can better meet industry demands, optimize logistics, and improve your supply chain performance.

Supply Chain Management

79% of organizations with superior supply chain capabilities achieve revenue growth that is significantly above average. With robust ERP solutions, like iMetal software and Sage Intacct, you can more accurately forecast and deliver products on time to meet customer demands while also minimizing stockouts and excess inventory. Gaining control of your supply chain in a rapidly changing world is not unattainable (although it may feel like that sometimes). With the right metal technology optimized for your unique business workflows and people, you can modernize your flow of goods and services, while improving product quality, satisfying customers, and lowering costs.


We’ve talked a lot about how technology transforms metal production companies in the now, but what about in the future? Adaptability and scalability are key to manufacturing longevity, but we’re sure you already knew that. Changing times call for changing needs. Whether that’s evolving your entire end-to-end inventory process or implementing a new third-party application to manage payroll, your ability to jump on unexpected growth opportunities and address challenges is the difference between your business thriving or just barely surviving. 

Growth isn’t always painful, especially with iMetal software and Sage Intacct. Using out-of-the-box integration that doesn’t need to be managed, you can build agile manufacturing processes that give your metal production company a competitive advantage. With our help, you can configure and customize each of the solutions, so they work together with your business to provide support through growth.  

Leveraging proper metal technology, like scalable cloud-based ERP software, in a metal production company offers agility and flexibility, while also helping to maximize productivity and increase revenue. With the steady manufacturing challenges recently, like rising production costs, it’s vital to have technology on your side. Reach out to us at Equation Technologies if you’d like more information on how our software solutions can be used in your business so you can optimize your metal production operations and achieve growth.

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