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"Equation is always updating me on products and services they think may help us be more efficient. For example, they recently brought the ACCPAC HR Series Applicant Manager to my attention. We receive many resumes that I had to track on a spreadsheet. What the Applicant Manager does is automates the tracking of the resumes along with generating letters and searching of possible positions for the candidate."

- Cheryl Soule, NBMC | North Bend, OR


A Powerful & Robust HR Solution

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Ascentis HR (formerly known as Sage Accpac HR Series) is a powerful, feature-rich human resource (HR) management solution that enables mid-sized enterprises to effectively collect, manage, calculate and report all employee data. Designed to help you better manage your human capital, Ascentis HR keeps your staff on track with clear, concise information at their fingertips - calculated and reported in real time.

By automating the tracking of critical details - Ascentis HR empowers your staff to effectively manage even the most complex HR requirements. Free from time-intensive tasks relating to data management, your HR staff can concentrate on analyzing employee data and make informed decisions to help control costs, and focus on organizational development.

Ascentis HR can significantly increase productivity and efficiency by reducing paperwork and manual input, and streamline your HR tasks. It automates almost every aspect of the HR process, including maintaining full compliance with government Human Resource Management requirements, such as COBRA administration and 401(k)management.

Cost Savings Human Resources Function Automation:

Benefits management

Payroll connectivity

Workflow automation

Hiring processes

Full-scale HR and Benefits Management:

Billing reconciliation



COBRA administration


Online open enrollment

FMLA tracking

Automated employee correspondence

Employee self-service

Manager self-service

Additional Ascentis HR software (HRIS) features and benefits include:

300+ reports with step-by-step instructions for creating unlimited custom reports

Import and export capabilities to reduce data entry time and data duplication errors

30 standard email alerts to keep HR managers ahead of employees’ needs

Electronic transfer of enrollment data to both HIPAA and non-HIPAA insurance carriers

Connectivity with other payroll solutions including Sage Accpac ERP