EFT Processing for Sage 300

Automate Payment & Collection Process Reduce Costs And Increase Accuracy

Save time by automating your processes

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EFT Processing for Sage 300

With EFT Processing, Sage 300 users can manage both receivables and payments processing electronically with the Bank Service module. No more writing, printing and mailing checks or invoices. Save time by automating your processes and eliminate double-entry errors.

There are a host of features that you can benefit from this add-on module to your existing Sage 300 system. Here are some of the Card Processing features and benefits:

  • Automatically creates EFT files required by the bank, for both payments and receipts.
  • Creates Electronic Funds Transfer files in the format required by many major banks based on the standard Sage 300 Accounts Payable payment and customer refund routines.
  • Runs on all databases supported by Sage 300.
  • Works with numerous Bank formats worldwide. User definable Bank formats and screen labels to reflect Bank terminology.
  • Audit log of changes to Vendor and Customer bank account details.
  • Remittance advices can be emailed using standard Sage 300 functionality.
  • Supports Customer Number Change and Vendor Number Change.
  • Holds vendor and customer banking details.
  • Automatically create AR Receipts from transaction balances. Select by document date, due date, customer range, customer group, customer optional field.
  • Approval process with enhanced security for amending customer and vendor bank account details.

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