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Outgrowing QuickBooks?

Find out if you are ready to make the move

Making the move from QuickBooks

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5 common signs that indicate your business has outgrown QuickBooks

  1. Insufficient Reporting and Business Intelligence Capabilities
  2. No Financial Accountability regarding Full Audit Trails
  3. Limited Security Options by User
  4. Limitations adding more Customer and Transactional Data
  5. The need for Complete Business Integration

Many businesses start out with QuickBooks entry level accounting software but then start to identify limitations as their business increases in size. Growing organizations and larger companies require mid-level accounting and ERP software with greater detailed financial information, expansive reporting, sophisticated business intelligence capabilities, and internal controls for data safety and integrity.

Secure Your Audit Trails...

Change is good... except when it comes to your company's financial records. Once a check is entered into your books, you shouldn't have to worry that someone might accidentally - or intentionally - delete the transaction or change the amount. That's why Sage Accpac ERP offers audit trails that can't be disabled. It also lets you restrict specific accounting tasks to authorized employees, so that the 19-year-old college student who does your order entry won't have access to your payroll. You always know who's spending your company's money, and where it's going.

From better performance to more flexible reporting, Sage Accpac ERP offers numerous advantages to companies that have grown beyond the start-up phase. And at Equation Technologies, we're ready to help you take that next step.

“Using Quickbooks we were unable to produce timely accurate reports and effectively manage other operational issues. With Sage ERP Accpac we now have the flexibility to run financial reports that the charter schools can use to gain funding so they educate the kids. We take care of the rest.”

Dorian Bell - CPA

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