North County Lifeline’s Youth Art Auction and Benefit

This past weekend, as an Equation Technologies Team Member, I had the pleasure of representing our company at the North County Lifeline’s Youth Art Auction and Benefit: It’s Now! It’s Wow! The Art Auction took place the Oceanside Art Museum on October 5th.

Proceeds from this event go to the North County Lifeline’s afterschool program in Crown Heights, Oceanside. This powerful program impacts 150 youth and more than 500 community members.

The event offered a lovely night under the stars, accommodated by the open layout of the Oceanside Art Museum. Hors d'oeuvre were passed as bidders sipped on wine and enjoyed Stone Brewery beer. Dinner was available as well as a candy bar, filled with gummy bears, M&M’s & any other candy you can imagine!

Guests bid on a plethora of art created by the youth in the community of Crown Heights. The artists used an array of different creative mediums allowing winning bidders to bring home decorated skateboards, surfboards, glass ornaments and, of course, canvases.

North County Lifeline’s Youth Art Auction and Benefit: It’s Now! It’s Wow!


About Crown Heights, Oceanside

Youth in the community of Crown Heights face tough odds. They often come from poor families, are expected to join the local gang, and have working or single parents who aren’t available afterschool.  Despite this, these kids are making positive decisions.

Each afternoon, the boys and girls in Crown Heights decide whether to walk into Lifeline’s program, or join the trouble across the street. This is a choice every day. Springtime is particularly difficult, because gang recruitment is high; more kids are jumped in by April or May.

When kids say no to gangs, they can turn to the Lifeline staff members who are there to greet them.  We salute and support the fine efforts of everyone at North County’s Lifeline and consider ourselves honored to be chosen to support them and their financial systems!

Visit for more information regarding donations and volunteering!

- Kimberly Hine, Sage 300 ERP Specialist

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