Sage 300 Integration Made Simple

Whether you're a software developer or current Sage 300 customer, our integration services will help you "make the connection"...

Existing Sage 300 customers typically turn to the integration experts at Equation Technologies for one of the following reasons:

You Run Multiple Software Applications 
You run multiple systems that don't "talk" to each other nor connect with Sage 300.

You Need to Integrate with an eCommerce Website 
You sell products on an eCommerce website but have to manually transfer online transactions into Sage 300.

You Have Industry-Specific Software Requirements
Sage 300 doesn't meet all of your functional requirements "out of the box" and you'd like to integrate with an industry-specific application to fill the gaps.

You're Buried in Spreadsheets 
You spend hours moving data in and out of spreadsheets and working outside the system when you'd rather work directly in Sage 300 and save a bunch of time.
Any of these situations probably means that you're struggling with time-consuming duplicate data entry and errors, manual work-arounds, long reporting cycles, and a variety of other challenges that hurt productivity and stifle company growth. 
But we can help...

Sage 300 Integration - A World of Possibilities
You'd be amazed at how impactful integration can be to your business. From saving time, labor, and money, to having accurate data, timely reports, and a more nimble organization, the benefits are numerous. But don't take our word for it ... here's what one of our many integrationcustomers says:

Equation Technologies created an import routine that automatically brings the invoices into Sage 300 and eliminated manual re-keying. Our month-end close has gone from 21 days down to 5 and we're saving a tremendous amount of time and money." 

- Vivian Kang, Controller, Smile Care Dental Group 

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