What does ASP mean?

Can’t keep up with all of the acronyms flying around your office? Let Equation Technologies help you! The acronym of the week is ASP. Read below, add this acronym to your vocabulary and use it in a sentence today!



The Acronym of the Week is ASP, Active Server Page. An Active Server Page, is a webpage that may contain scripts as well as standard HTML. The scripts are processed by an ASP interpreter on the web server each time the page is accessed by a visitor. Since the content of an ASP page can be generated on-the-fly, ASP pages are commonly used for creating dynamic websites.This means, ASP will allow all different types of devises and web browsers to view the same page. Its pretty awesome!

ASP is similar to other scripting platforms, like PHP and JSP, but supports multiple programming languages. While the default ASP language is VBScript, ASP pages can include other programming languages as well, such as C# and JavaScript. 

Now that you know what ASP means, get out there and use it in a sentence!

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