World Cup Sales Tax Quiz!

It takes everything you've got to get ahead in the Global business (just like in the World Cup). Managing indirect taxes from various different countries is just one of the many challenges international companies face. Take the Avalara World Cup Tax Quiz for a fun way to learn about indirect tax compliance on a global scale. Just click through the deck to take the quiz!

Take the World Cup Sales Tax Quiz now!

To learn more about indirect taxes and prepare for the quiz, watch this video that explains the difference between sales tax and VAT.

For businesses that plan to expand internationally, working around VAT (Value Added Tax) can be as tricky as accommodating dietary restrictions at a Malibu dinner party: if you don’t know the specific rules, the best laid plans can be foiled by basic oversights.

Some of the world’s most key markets today use VAT, including China, India, and the European Union. This means understanding how VAT works is absolutely necessary. 

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