Improve human resource efficiency with Sage HRMS

Do you need a human resource department that is more efficient? Sage HRMS is a software solution that gives you everything you need to have first-class human resource management. Sage HRMS has one centralized database and will effectively reduce tedious clerical work and effectively manage, track, and report employee information.


Sage HRMS offers you a set of tools to help manage pertinent employee data — from skills and education to compensation and healthcare benefits. The HRMS also allows you to:

  • Grab records and information about employees whether they are past or present from one database.
  • Track an unlimited number of benefit plans, define eligibility criteria, and calculate benefits costs automatically with comprehensive benefits administration.
  • Manage any type of time off, including paid time off, leave of absence, and FMLA leave.
  • Comply with government regulations and avoid additional risks by knowing and meeting government regulations and reporting requirements for the United States and/or Canada.
  • Customize just about any Sage HRMS module by uniquely tailoring menus, processes, actions, reports, toolbars, screens, and fields to maximize your the effectiveness of your organization.
  • Import and export important HR data so that it can be easily viewed in spreadsheets, or shared with other HR and payroll applications.
  • Integrate with related solutions for payroll processing, web-based employee self-service, web-based benefits enrollment, organizational charting, training management, web-based paperless forms, data monitoring, and web-based recruiting.

Give your organization a better strategic value with Sage HRMS. Take advantage of this solution’s powerful reporting and analysis tools. You will quickly be able to evaluate critical areas such as salary, turnover rate, and performance. You will be able to easily transfer critical HR data regularly with strong import/export capabilities. Additionally, your data is secure because Sage HRMS comes with multilevel security options that enable you to control data access levels to various groups throughout your organization. 

For more information on how an HRMS can benefit your business or for help implementing an HRMS for your organization contact Equation Technologies today. 

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