Sage Accpac Alerts Server Web Training - March 18, 2009 1 pm PST

The webinar topic for this month is Sage Accpac ERP Alerts Server. The training session will be held on March 18th (Wednesday) at 1PM (PST) / 4PM(EST).

For more information, call us today (866) 436-3530. 

Sage Accpac System Manager (5.4 Service Pack or above) comes with Sage Accpac Alerts Server "Lite" along with 5 free alerts. The 5 free alerts are:

    • New Customer Welcome
    • GL Account Balance Exceeds Budgeted Amount
    • Open Order Amount Exceeds "N" Amount
    • Past Due Receivables Over "N" Amount
    • AP Checks over "N" Amount

The Sage Accpac Alerts full version includes 20 additional alerts plus the ability to customize or create additional alerts.

Examples of how Alerts work:

  • Upon discovery of a low inventory situation, Alerts will automatically notify the purchasing manager to place a new order for the specified item(s).
  • Upon discovery of a low inventory situation, The Alerts Server will automatically generate a purchase order from the accounting system for the specified item(s), route the purchase order to the correct supplier(s), notify any customers affected by the low inventory situation, schedule a callback in the CRM system for the corresponding sales rep(s), and notify management that all of these actions have been taken.

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