Issue: PrintBoss will not print to a separate tray

The printer location has been changed and now the ability to print to a different tray is not available.
The following describes the steps that needs to be done in PrintBoss:
  • Go into the Windows Printers list.
  • Look at the properties of the HP Laser Jet - the paper should be setup so that the "auto select" or "default" tray is chosen.
  • Open PrintBoss.
  • Select "File ... Printer Setup". This is where the HP Laser Jet is selected. Note that the "paper source" listed indicates either "auto select" or "default".
  • Click on OK.
  • In PrintBoss, select "Edit ... Form Files". If there are multiple users, go to the "Special Controls" tab.
  • Check the "Save Form's Printer Selections Locally" box.
  • Next Go to the "Multi Part settings" tab.
  • Change the "Source tray" as desired.
  • Click on OK.
  • Ensure that new printer is available to other users on the network.

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