New Manager Self-Service (MSS) Module Available in HR OFFICE

Ascentis announces the release of Manager Self-Service (MSS). Now available as an additional module, MSS offers powerful new capabilities to your HR and management team using an enhanced interface that increases efficiency through workflow and data metrics.


Managers Immediately Have the Data they Need
Ascentis MSS reduces the work of HR by giving managers direct access to critical employee information such as job, compensation and leave information. Ascentis HR role-based security allows HR to regulate manager access levels.

Better Decision Making
With MSS, managers can analyze data for multiple employees simultaneously, resulting in more informed, data-based decisions. The company leave calendar enables managers to optimally balance resources, while salary modeling tools help them gauge the organizational and budgetary implications of compensation adjustments.

More Efficiency Through Automation
With MSS, HR can designate unlimited approvers for changes. MSS allows HR to view and act on changes so that oversight is retained while the administrative burden is reduced. Workflow actions trigger automated e-mails to all approvers, and everyone in the process stays fully informed.

Learn More About Ascentis MSS
These are just a few capability highlights of the new Ascentis MSS. If you would like to learn more, view a demo or receive a quote , please give us a call at 866.436.3530.

With Manager Self-Service:

Salary modeling metrics and tools aid managers in decision making

Changes are routed based on company defined guidelines

Company leave information is just one click away with the MSS Leave Calendar

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