What is 'SData' and how does it relate to Sage ERP Accpac?


With the release of Sage ERP Accpac Version 6, Sage revamped the technical "guts" of your Accpac system and implemented a new web services protocol named Sage Data ... or "SData" for short.

While SData may not evoke the ooohhss and aaahhss that some of the other cool new features are getting, SData is quietly one of the most significant changes to the Sage ERP Accpac in many years. SData is the future of the web, and it's here now in Sage Accpac Version 6 so let's take a look and find out what it is all about.

What is it?  SData is a technology protocol based on the same standards used by major web‐based companies like Google, Yahoo, and Amazon. SData is significant because it defines a set of standards for web‐based applications to integrate and synchronize with each other.  That means everything you use torun your business, whether it’s a Sage product or some other industry‐specific or third party application, will talk the same language, share data, and synchronize with each other. It’s important tonote that SData also makes it easier to push data out to your mobile device so that you have accessto Sage Accpac (or any other Sage product like HR, Fixed Assets, or CRM) anywhere and anytime.

SData and Microsoft OfficeHere are just a couple of very simple examples of how SData provides a bridge between your busi‐ness information and the Microsoft Office productivity tools you probably use everyday. We allknow that Excel is a widely‐used business tool.   But you need to get the data into Excel before youcan slice, dice and analyze … and that’s where SData comes in.  In fact, you can download the Excel Add‐in and try it for yourself.  

You’ll find other useful tools and plug‐ins at http://sdata.sage.com/sdatacore_showcases.html.SData On the GoAs we’ve mentioned, SData also simplifies mobile access to your business data (with full security ofcourse!).   Let’s say you’re a salesperson onsite with a customer and you want to review the detailsof the products supplied by your company. You can break out your laptop, mobile device, or iPhone,type a URL into your browser, and the details are retrieved from your company’s Accpac inventoryand accounting system.

GIVE IT A TRY ‐ If you’re running Internet Explorer 7, you can try this for yourself by simply clickingon this URL:https://interop.sage.com/sdata/accounts50/SDO/‐/Products.    You’ll be directed to alive copy of Sage Accounts 50 hosted on the web. The Login is MANAGER with no password.  You can interact with the information because it’s live data coming from the accounting system.  You can also replace “…/Products” at the end of the URL with “.../Customers” and “…/Salesorders”to see other live examples of SData at work.The Future is NowHopefully you’re starting to see just how significant SData is going to be to the future of your SageERP Accpac system.  You’ll find a wealth of additional information at http://sdata.sage.com.

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