Want to automate the distribution of existing reports?

If you are looking to save time and costs associated to business form and report distribution from within Sage Accpac, take a look at Messenger EDD by Liaison Software. Businesses that generate over 200+ invoices a month, have issues with receivables or want to automatically distribute Order Acknowledgements or Quotations to Customers can benefit from Messenger EDD's automated document distribution.

Messenger EDD - Automates reports distribution

Join us September 6th at 10.00 PST for an introduction to Liaison Messenger and learn more about it's form and report distribution capabilities.

Liaison Messenger EDD integrates with Sage Accpac's existing Crystal reports and is practically invisible to the daily user. Use Messenger EDD's printer driver to print documents and reports and automate distribution based on rules you set up at configuration.

For example:

  • Batch email and faxing of all business forms.
  • Built-in archiving.
  • Static and variable attachments, for example, attach all outstanding Invoices to Statements in 1 PDF.
  • Distribute not only to customer and vendors but also to salespeople, management, warehouses, etc.
  • Dynamic email text to recipients, using data from the report processed.
  • Filtered routing, transmit to recipients based on the data processed on the report, i.e., email the controller a Statement of the customer is over 60 days past due and have an outstanding balance greater than $10,000.

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