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If you haven’t heard of Sage Connected Services before, it’s a platform for Sage to provide you with integrated business applications from the cloud.  Think of it as a marketplace of apps for your iPod … but in this case, the iPod is your Sage 300 ERP.

Sage 300 ERP - Sage Connected Services

Everything from electronic invoicing, online payment processing, and tax compliance, to secure data backup, payroll processing, and shopping carts are available as cloud-based applications that plug right into Sage 300 ERP.  In this article, we take a quick look at three popular Connected Services.

Sage Sales Tax – Powered by AvaTax

For companies doing business in multiple taxing jurisdictions, sales tax calculation and remittance can be a nightmare.  But with Sage Sales Tax Powered by AvaTax, you can turn that nightmare into a sweet dream using this hosted, web-based application that automatically performs address validation, sales tax jurisdiction research, and rate calculation.

Perhaps best of all, everything simply happens behind the scenes.  The appropriate data then plugs right into your Sage 300 ERP with no change to your existing workflow.  Plus, you get fully detailed reports (minimizing your audit risk) and sales tax returns that are automatically pre-populated and ready to file.  Sage Sales Tax takes just minutes to download and install.

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing powered by Sage Payments offers a complete credit card processing solution for all types of businesses.  Plus, it automatically connects to merchant accounts for card authorization and settlement.  And when you sign up with Sage Payments, you’ll get the Credit Card Processing module for free.  That means you can process transactions directly in your Sage 300 ERP with no need to re-key data – error-free processing with quick and easy reconciliation. Go to for details.

Sage SmartBusinessReports

Powered by Experian – one of the biggest and well-respected credit reporting agencies in the world – Sage SmartBusinessReports provides you with easy-to-read credit reports for informed decision-making.  Not only does your credit score reflect on the decisions that other businesses make about you, evaluating the rating of your potential customers can have an impact on which vendors or suppliers you do business with and at what price.

This Sage Connected Service also comes with business credit monitoring and alerts, information about past liens and judgments, and a database of over 27 million credit-active businesses.

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