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Do you know that Sage Software has a website called "Sage 300 ERP Ideas"? This site was created to gather suggestions for feature enhancements from Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) customers and you can vote for any submitted ideas. Make your voices heard and start telling Sage what you want and get other customers to vote on it. And yes Sage is listening! Below are some of the examples of new features that will be included with the new Sage 300 ERP 2012 Order Entry screen.

Sage 300 ERP 2012 OE Screen

(Click on image above for larger view)

Sage will be implementing a number of common requests that customers have made through the ideas web site. Below are some of the new enhancements on OE screen:

  • Alternate Line Shading for Grid/List Controls
    Many of the grid, list and table controls in Sage 300 ERP are quite wide and following a row from left to right can be difficult or require a lot of concentration. With the 2012 release all such table controls will display alternate line shading to make it easier to visually track horizontally.
  • Add Entered By Field to Order Entry
    This new "Entered By" will be a read-only field. The field value will be the user name that first posted the order. If the order is subsequently changed and re-posted, the value in the "Entered By" field will still show the original user that posted the order.
  • Add On Hold Reason Field to Order Entry
    This field has a maxiumum of 250 characters for users to enter an hold reason. Whether the field is editable is determined by the state of the "On Hold" field. If the order is "On Hold" (box is checked), the "On Hold Reason" field will be enabled to allow users to enter text. If the order is subsequently taken off hold (box unchecked), the "On Hold Reason" field will be grayed out and disabled.
  • Allow User to Create Purchase Orders in Order Entry
    There will be a Create PO button from OE screen that users can use to create purchase orders from OE requirements. Users have requested for a function to be able to create the PO’s directly in Order Entry, without having to go into the Create POs manually to enter the details of the current order that they have to create purchase orders for.
  • Add Delivered By Field, Ship Via Code and Tracking No. to Order Entry
    A request has been made to add a “Delivered By” date field that would represent the date that the customer wants to have the goods delivered to their door. The date will default to the same date as the Expected Ship Date. A user would get a warning if they entered a Delivered By date that is before the Expected Ship Date. The Delievered By date would also be on each detail line (since each detail line can be separately shipped). A number of requests were also made to include Ship Via Code and Tracking No. to an order and these fields are now available.

Stay tuned for more new enhancements for this latest Sage 300 ERP 2012 version. We will be posting some more highlights or sneak-peeks for the other modules in the coming weeks prelude to the official release. 



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