It's official - Sage 300 ERP V5.5 will be retired

With the current announcement at the Sage Summit of the much anticipated Sage 300 ERP 2012 release in early September, Sage 300 ERP V5.5 will be retired. Customers that are current on the Sage Business Care Plan will have an extended "90-120 day grace support period" for this version as it makes its way out. As for the Payroll Update Plan, Sage 300 ERP Version 5.5 Payroll Tax Updates will be discontinued after the Jan 31, 2013 update.

What does this mean for you if you are still running Sage 300 ERP V5.5?

  • Because of the practical considerations of software development and part of Sage's policy, only the three (3) most current versions of the software are officially supported by Sage Software.  At this time it will be V5.6, V6.0 & the latest Sage 300 ERP 2012.
  • This means that if an issue or a bug is discovered in V5.5, it would not be fixed in the unsupported version because practicality necessitates that development continue only in the current supported versions. Therefore there will no longer be any more product updates, service packs or hotfixes for V5.5.
  • Payroll tax update will only be available in current supported versions after Jan 31, 2013. So anyone using the Payroll module that will require the Payroll Tax Update should consider upgrading to the newer version before or by Jan 2013.

Other points to ponder why you should consider upgrading (especially if you are eligible to receive license keys for the supported version)

Operating environments (such as your network application and/or database server and operating systems) in which the discontinued Sage 300 ERP V5.5 is used, are constantly changing and subject to countless updates from time to time both from Microsoft as well as other software 3rd Party vendors. Microsoft is responsible for most of the updates on a regular basis and because many are deemed critical, it is wise to apply them. However, it is highly possible that some of these critical updates may not be compatible with Sage 300 ERP V5.5 application running on the workstation or server. This is the most common problem that we encounter and because it is a retired or discontinued version Sage is not responsible for issuing service packs or hotfixes to address any incompatibilities. 

Contact Us if you need assistance with an upgrade to the current supported version of Sage 300 ERP or would like to find out how to "Get Back on Track" if your Sage Business Care Plan has expired.

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