Small Business Slow to Adopt New Technology, Study Reveals

New developments in technology have slowly been changing the small business landscape for the better. But even with an increase in cloud adoption and mobile technology, many small businesses are still finding that they are wasting valuable time on mundane, unproductive and paper-intensive tasks.

A recent study by Sage North America revealed that despite increased use of mobile devices and availability of cloud-based tools and technology, many small business are still bogged down with paper and suffer from inefficient processes. Here are some the key take-aways from the State of Entrepreneurship study:

  • 13% of Small Business owners are still relying on paper to manage their calendars, Projects 32%, To-Do Lists and Tasks 38%, and Time Tracking 23%
  • 32% of Small Businesses spend 1/4 of their time on administrative tasks
  • 24% of Small Businesses spend 1/2 of their time on administrative tasks
  • 66% use 3 or more software applications to manage day-to-day operations
  • 51% of Small Businesses wish that their applications were linked together
To view an infographic that visually represents the findings of this study, click here.
State of Entrepreneurship - A Study Conducted by Sage

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