Why its good to work with a Sage ERP Consultant

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I am writing this on my 3rd day as a new employee of Equation Technologies, a firm specializing in consulting and integration of Sage 300 ERP ( fomerly ACCPAC). I was invited to a client meeting on my first day, and the meeting was about transitioning the client from another firm because there were some upgrade requests on the client side and they needed consultative expertise that exceeded the capabilities of their previous provider.

My background is solid in technology, business development and operations so I was able to discern what was going on at least to the extent of how the tool was being used within the environment. It quickly became obvious that Erica Burles (founder of Equation Technologies and my boss) was extraordinarily well versed in the subject matter.

Getting the most out of a Sage ERP Integration

The CFO of the client company looked quite relieved when Erica started talking, and surprised at some of the tools within Sage 300 that they had access to but were not taking advantage of. ERP software is not simple to begin with, and comprehensive tools like Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) require deep expertise regarding system and user functionality at a hyper granular level, integration into multiple hardware/software and existing system environments, and expert level experience with multiple business verticals and types.

The Ideal Business and Technology Partner

If you are a business owner looking to make that leap into something more sophisticated than QuickBooks, your ideal vendor consultant would have a CPA, business ownership experience, and  expert level system integration and networking experience. It would be a great bonus if they were also a pleasant person to engage with. This is Erica, and with my observations over 3 days it seems as if people are hired only if they can deliver a similar standard.

I could not be happier in my new job where I get to work with a group of highly capable people who are exceptionally versed in the product we represent while also focusing on customer service and making sure the customer gets the most value possible and is using Sage ERP in a way that correlates with client system architecture and workflow as efficiently as possible.

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