Speed Up Data Entry with Sage 300 (Accpac) Keyboard Shortcuts

Data entry is inevitable in accounting. But that tedious "heads down" work doesn't have to take up so much time. When entering a large volume of transactions, switching between your keyboard and mouse can be inefficient. It not only slows you down, but it can break your concentration and cause errors. 

Sage 300 ERP Navigation Shortcuts

So here's a handy set of keyboard shortcuts in Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac) that can really save time entering data, navigating screens, and processing transactions.

Sage 300 ERP Navigation Shortcuts

These shortcuts can help you move around a screen or form without leaving the comfort of your keyboard:

Page Up or Page Down Go the first (top) or last (bottom) record visible in a list
Ctrl + Page Up or
Ctrl + Page Down
Go to the first or last record in a Finder list
Ctrl + Tab Move out of a grid or list to the button or field following the grid or list.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move out of a grid or list to the button or field directly above the grid or list
Home / End Go to the first/last entry in a list
Tab or Enter Go to the next column
Shift + Tab or Enter Go to the previous column
Alt + C (or Alt + F4) Close a form or dialog box
Alt + E Open the Set Criteria dialogue box to specify records that will be displayed in the Finder
Up / Down Arrow Go up or down 1 line in the grid
Esc Cancel/close a pop-up window

Sage 300 ERP Data Editing Shortcuts

These shortcuts provide a quick method of adding, deleting, or editing data in a record or form.

Insert Insert a blank row in a grid to add a new record
Ctrl + Insert Begin a new entry when you are pointing to a field that has a New button beside it
F2 Turn on edit mode in a list or grid (press again to turn off).
Delete or Alt + D Delete the selected row or record
Alt + S Save changes to the displayed work
Alt + A Save a new record
F5 Launch the Finder to lookup data

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