Introducing Sage 300 v2021

September 2020 saw the release of the much anticipated version 2021 of Sage 300.  There are some new great features to explore and you are going to want to take advantage of them!

  •  Better Security – Sage passwords now must include both letters and numbers and have a minimum length of 8 characters. Security is turned on by default when creating new companies and the ADMIN password can no longer be admin!!

  • More Payment Options – In v2021, you can accept payments from your customers through online service providers like PayPal and Stripe. Once configured, your PDF invoice will include a ‘Pay Now’ button that will let your customers pay the invoice immediately! And all you need to do is download these payments into a Receipt Batch and post!

Sage 300cloud 2021 v6.8

This feature is only available for AR invoices at this time, and only in the functional currency of the company.  To see a full list of exceptions for online payments, click

  • Withholding Taxes for Sales – already available on the purchases side, you can now setup, in tax services, withholding taxes for sales based on selling price or tax amount. This lets your customers withhold that payment from you and remit to the tax authority on your behalf instead. 

    Sage 300cloud 2021 v6.8
  • Longer Numbers for Checks and Deposit Slips – up to 15 characters now available for check numbers and deposit slips. *exception for payroll checks, 9 characters.

  • OE Templates can now include Customer Account Sets – orders for customers that do not have an AR Customer Record will default to the account set specified in the template.

Sage 300cloud 2021 v6.8 

Are you using Sage’s web screens? There are some great improvements there as well!

  • Adjust Text Size – Now you can adjust the text size of ALL the screens or specific individual screens to allow you to see more real estate on the screen before you have to scroll down.

    Sage 300cloud 2021 v6.8

  • BOM Numbers – when your transaction starts at the OE Shipment Entry screen (not shipped from an order) you are now able to specify BOM numbers on detail lines. Same applies for OE Credits & Debits.

  • Keep More Web Screens Open – you can only have a maximum of 10 screens open at any one time, which used to include printed reports. Now you can edit the Web.config file so that printed reports do not count towards this maximum.  Click here for specific instructions!

Do you want more information on any of these great features?  Or information on how to get on this new version?  Please contact us; we are happy to help!

Sage 300 2021 Release Notes


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