Introducing Sage 300 Version 2019 and Sage CRM Version 2018 R3

On August 20, 2018, Sage released the latest versions of Sage 300 and Sage CRM. Here’s a look at some of the new features in each of these products as Sage progresses into more modern technology throughout!

SAGE 300

Global Search: Sage has created a global search function that allows the user to search throughout all modules in the database for records and transactions that contain requested key words or numbers.  The results that are returned are linked, so the user can quickly drill down into to the original source transaction or record. Global Search is sensitive to security settings, so only those records and transactions that the user has authorizations for will be displayed.


Sage 300 Global Search


Export Declaration Number Field:  An export declaration number is required for tax purposes in some jurisdictions and this field is now available in Accounts Receivables and Order Entry.  This field is available for each detail line on the invoice.

Improved Inquiry Tool:  The Sage 300c Inquiry tool allows users to quickly and easily look up information in your Sage ERP system.  It has been redesigned to include more standard preset query types and also gives the user the ability to create custom queries. Access the Inquiry tool from the Sage 300 web screen interface using the web toolbar at the right of the screen or the navigation menu.  Select a preset query type, or create your own, and specify selection criteria.  The displayed results are linked, so the user can easily drill down to the source transactions.  The Inquiry Tool is sensitive to security settings; a user must have authorization to use it, and to view the results that are generated.

Sage 300 Inquiry

Redesigned CRM Integration: Sage has made it easier to setup the CRM Integration with Sage 300.  Integration is done using the Sage 300 web screens instead of the old Sage portal, making use of new technology, and giving the screens a modern look and feel.  Integration also performs faster with this new technology.

Sage 300 CRM Integration

And remember… Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud is integrated with Sage 300c web screens! SIRC has ready-to-use online reports that can be viewed in Excel.  These reports can be modified, or new reports can be created for your specific business needs.

Upgrade Note– Sage 300 2019 only supports upgrades from version 5.6, 6.0, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 or 2018.

Coming in December -Sage will introduce Office 365 Contacts into Sage 300!


Calendar Enhancements:

Create Quick Appointments for Other Users:  The quick method of creating appointments, now has the capability for one user to create an appointment for another user.  Both users will be added to the Users field of this appointment.

View Calendar Items as a List:  Users now have the ability to view all item in their calendar as a list.  This list can be customized (by System Administrators) and the list can be filtered or sorted by the user.  Items on the list can be edited or deleted. 

 Quick Find Improvements: The Quick Find function has been improved to enable searching by postal address, email, and phone number. Quick Find will return the most relevant Person and Company records.

Sage CRM Quick Find 

MailChimp Integration:

New Closed Status: A new status, Closed, is now available for MailChimp campaigns.  This enables a list of campaigns to show only the active campaigns, reducing the size of the list in CRM.  The campaign is only closed in Sage CRM and doesn’t affect the campaign status in MailChimp.

Sage CRM MailChimp

Setup Enhanced Error Handling: Sage CRM Setup has been improved to verify the integrity of the MailChimp Integration related database tables and views during upgrading.  If an issue is found, Sage CRM will display an error message. 

Supported Character Sets for Email: Improved support for Unicode characters allows for special characters and emojis to be used in emails. This affects Email Manager, Classic Outlook Plugin and Lite Outlook Plugin.

 Sag CRM Email

Improved Customer Help:

New Help Center: includes all release notes and guides for all CRM versions

New Training Videos: is the new Video channel for Sage CRM which contains a helpful ‘getting started series’ and many useful tutorials on the features of Sage CRM.

Support content on CRM Community: Go to to access forums and blogs from Sage CRM experts and other CRM users.

Supported Software:

Sage CRM Supported Software 

Changes to the Database and Metadata:

Sage CRM Database Metadata

Upgrade Note– Sage CRM 2018 R3 only supports upgrades from versions 2018 R2, 2018 R1, 2017 R3, 2017 R2, 2017 R1, 7.3 SP3, 7.3 SP2, 7.3 SP1, and 7.3.

Additional Resources: 

Sage 300 2019 Release Notes | Sage 300 2019 Upgrade Guide | Pre-Installation Checklist 


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