MS SQL Server 2005 Infrastructure Alert - Is your Business at Risk?

After April 12, 2016 SQL Server 2005 extended support will end.  If you're currently running Sage 300, or any other mission critical business systems on this database, it's time to plan your move and learn about the improvements in SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server 2015 Extended support ending

What are the implications of running unsupported software?

  • Exposure to Security Risks
  • Increased Maintenance
  • Increased Operational Costs
  • Potential Compliance Violations
  • Potential Fines and Penalties

Recommended Next Steps...

Determine the true impact of this announcement on your organization, by analyzing the risks and benefits associated with the cost of upgrading. For some companies, these risks may be acceptable. For those that are not, there are a number of resources available to assist you.
To learn more about how to plan your SQL Server 2005 migration click here.  You can also access free tools, a webinar and a short guide on SQL Server improvements here. From a Sage support standpoint, the Compatibility Guide will also provide you with useful information.
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