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New Sage 300 and Sage CRM Integration

A totally brand new integration between Sage 300 and Sage CRM was announced with the release of Sage 300 Version 2019 earlier this year. While the two products were already connected in previous versions, this article looks at the features and functions that the new integration offers.

Changes to Sage CRM Screens

With the new integration, new screens, tabs and features have been added (or modified) throughout Sage CRM that allow you to see and access more information from Sage 300 than before. Here’s a quick overview of the most prominent changes.

  • Promote to Sage 300 - use this screen to promote a Sage CRM company to a Sage 300 customer or vendor.
  • Customer & Vendor Inquiries - new A/R and A/P inquiry screens list posted or un-posted Sage 300 Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable documents for a company right within Sage CRM. You can also edit existing or create new documents without leaving Sage CRM.
  • Orders and Purchasing Inquiries - new O/E and P/O inquiry screens provide a range of information that you can view or edit including all orders, shipments, invoices, sales history, purchase orders, requisitions, receipts, purchase history, vendor contracts, and so much more.

Quotes and Orders

New screens and changes to existing features related to the quote and order process in Sage CRM have been applied as well. You can create new quotes, edit existing quotes, and review key information at a glance (i.e. associated orders, expiration dates) without leaving Sage CRM. In addition to the ability to easily promote a quote to a Sage 300 order, the improved order screen in Sage CRM allows you to create or review information like order and shipping amounts, invoices, edit orders details, determine the status of an order (i.e. on hold), and much more.

A New Connection That’s Better Than Ever

We’ve only scratched the surface by highlighting some of the most significant changes. But the new integration manifests itself throughout Sage CRM in the form of new tabs, buttons, and enhanced screens that allow you to view and edit more information on companies, customers, vendors, inventory, sales, orders, opportunities, and important transactions. In short, Sage 300 and Sage CRM are better together and work more closely than ever before.

Contact us if you have questions about using Sage CRM or you’d like more information and we’ll send you a copy of the detailed Sage CRM Integration Guide.

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