Sage 300 2019 - Product Update 1 Now Available

Look At Product Update 1

The newest update for Sage 300 2019, product update 1, is now available featuring a collection of global enhancements along with a new integration with Microsoft Office 365. Here’s a look at what’s new in Sage 300 2019.1.

Global Enhancements

New features and improvements in both Sage 300 (Classic) and Sage 300cloud include:

Reverse Charges - in Tax Services, you can set up reverse charges for purchases. A reverse charge is a tax amount owed on goods or services you purchase, which you must remit directly to the relevant tax authority, instead of paying it to the vendor.

Withholding Taxes - in Tax Services, you can set up withholding taxes for purchases. A withholding tax is applied when purchasing goods or services from a vendor, and allows you to withhold some or all of either the selling price or the tax amount for a transaction.

Other Improvements - several core system improvements have been made, including the Item Finder, AR and PJC modules, and Ops Inquiry.

New Office 365 Integration

Overview - provides the customer's available credit as well as address and phone number. Contact details can be updated in the app and sent directly to Sage 300cloud.

History - displays how much money is owed by the customer as well as average number of days to pay invoices. You can also click through the last 20 invoices and payments to review details.

Communications - quickly review and reply to recent emails to and from the customer as well as other communications entered directly from Sage 300cloud.

Notes & Memos - displays notes created in Sage Contact as well as memos from Sage 300cloud.

Sage Contact is a very useful feature for sales staff that may spend time on the road, yet need access to customer information in order to prepare for meetings.

Refer to the Sage 300 2019.1 Release Notes for full details on all new features and fixes. Be sure to contact us if you need help with an upgrade.

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