Sage 300 - The Road Ahead

At various Sage Summit Tour stops worldwide, Sage has been delivering a “Road Ahead” presentation that gives us a glimpse of the product vision, development goals, and new features that are coming to Sage 300. Here’s a look at the future of your ERP software in 2017 and beyond.

Product Vision and Strategy

The overall strategy for Sage 300 is continued modernization of the product to embrace “forces of change” in technology including cloud and mobile. Part of the aim is to bridge the gap between software and apps you run in the cloud and the software you manage on-premises. This “hybrid cloud” approach allows you to be selective about which technology - cloud or on-premises - is best for your business. Another clear goal is to create a Sage 300 system that provides unparalleled integration of accounting, payments, and payroll.

New or Improved Features to Come

Here are some things to expect later this year and next year:

  • Modernized visual updates to the desktop interface
  • Simplified bank reconciliation and direct transaction download through Sage Banking Cloud
  • Connect Office 365 to store and link attachments to Sage 300 documents and transactions
  • Perform ad hoc queries from the web screens

Get the Presentation Slides

Contact us to request a copy of the presentation slides where you’ll get full details of the road ahead along with visuals and screenshots to see what’s in store for Sage 300.

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