Sage HRMS - Benefits of a Subscription License

If you’re running Sage HRMS under a traditional perpetual license, there are some existing and planned new features exclusive to the subscription version that we think you should know about. Here’s a look at the benefits of Sage HRMS under a subscription license.

Subscription is the Future

Like all Sage software product lines - and indeed most modern business software on the market - the subscription  model is now the norm. As such, each year Sage continues to add new features and value to Sage HRMS subscription that aren’t available in the “traditional” perpetual license version.

In addition going forward, it’s likely that nearly all future investment will be focused on Sage HRMS subscription. Rest assured that your Sage HRMS perpetual product will still be supported - but most software updates going forward will likely focus mainly on fixes and compliance.

Employee Self Service Enhancements

One particular area of focus, based on user feedback, will be to improve the user interface for employees. That’s why Sage will roll out a new design interface in Employee Self Service (ESS) for the subscription version. The improved ESS experience will help employees more easily navigate the system using a modern, intuitive and attractive design. 

Additional features planned include a new ESS experience for Open Enrollment.  And for Time-Off management, the modernization of ESS mobile access along with additional mobile features provide a complete HRMS/ESS cloud-connected experience.

Other Subscription Features

In addition to interface enhancements in ESS, other features available exclusively to subscription holders include: 

  • Ability to default employee contribution for all employees with automatic enrollment of HRMS Savings Plans
  • Added capability to verify password with a view option on the HRMS and ESS logon page
  • Export capabilities for the results of the HRMS “employee find” to Excel (XLS) format
  • Expanded ESS capabilities for administrator to create and use customized security questions for logon
  • New Secure Query report access from HRMS home page

Sage HRMS Subscription

Added Support & Training Benefits

In addition to exclusive features, Sage HRMS Subscription also bundles added service and training benefits including:

  • Access to My Workforce Analyzer
  • Access to Anytime Learning online courses and 50% off all other HRMS training available at Sage University
  • One-on-One annual system check to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Sage HRMS investment

Contact Us if you have questions about how a Sage HRMS subscription license works.


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