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Continuous learning is a key driver of high workplace engagement. The business benefits of having an engaged workforce are huge - from 59% less turnover to a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales. All these micro benefits add up to the macro-benefit of 21% greater business profitability. What does this have to do with Sage? We’re glad you asked.

Sage launched a new membership program, one that includes the new and highly popular Sage Masterclass and extensive Sage training, exclusively for its customers and partners. They realize there’s a lot more that goes into implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software besides picking a solution and hiring the right partner (although that is a huge part of it too!). To truly become a successful organization, you must provide and encourage professional development for employees.

Let’s dive into some of the key benefits of what it means to have a Sage Membership and how it helps you build a better business through Sage training.

Sage Masterclass

At the top of our list as our most valued benefit is the new Sage Masterclass offering. What makes this one our top pick you ask? We love it because it provides a platform for our clients to grow and learn from a community of leading world-renowned experts, like David Allen a bestselling author and speaker, Heather Knight the Captain of the England Women’s Cricket Team, and Grace Marshall a coach, author, and Productivity “Ninja”. You will gain practical advice and guidance by tapping into the untapped thoughts and opinions of today’s most highly sought-after business professionals.

Sage Masterclass doesn’t just highlight product information; it provides its members with interactive talks and informational articles on advice and solutions to real-world challenges that businesses face day-to-day. Challenges like how to unlock productivity to get things done, how to lead an unstoppable team, how to manage human capacity, how to achieve more with less, and many more hot topics you’re sure to find inspiring and insightful.

Sage Community

Communities are predominantly (43%) focused on serving customers, and it’s no different in the Sage universe. When you are a member of Sage you are given ample opportunities to learn from your peers all over North America, who are just like yourself. It takes a village to raise a child build a business, and we can’t agree more. Tap into the Sage Community network to share and gain knowledge from people that all have similar goals and aspirations as you and are just as dedicated to building a business of success.

Ask questions and learn the newest tips and tricks of Sage products and current issues so that you can leverage others’ success for your business. Sharing is caring, and that’s why Sage Community Canada and Sage Community US offer gateways for members to link up and create a sense of collaboration that drives connection and learning that impacts business outcomes.

Sage University

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest,” Benjamin Franklin. More traditional Sage training, like ongoing educational courses and certification modules, are also available so that you can maximize your ROI using your staff’s system knowledge and expertise. These are provided to members via the Sage University platform. Although Sage University isn’t new, it’s still a very useful way to expand your knowledge and expertise of Sage’s diverse product line. This Sage training is heavily product-focused and offers a budget-friendly way for you to learn Sage’s solutions, like Sage 300, Sage Intacct, Sage Payroll, Sage People, Sage CRM, and its many many integrated apps, etc.  

Sage University offers a jam-packed selection of extensive Sage training for every job and skill in your company so your team can excel in whatever role they’re in. There are two ways to learn - eLearn at-your-own-pace offered anytime, anywhere, and many live & on-demand interactive webinars. The webinars are on a variety of topics and solutions ranging from high-level Sage experts and the most amateur of users. Sage has you covered for helping you get the most value out of your solution no matter your level of expertise or where you’re located.

We’re not done yet! Sage Membership also offers 24/7 support from their experts on hand, either on the telephone or online. If you have questions about getting the most out of your product or if you need assistance from one of their qualified engineers for tech support, they’re here to help you one call away or at one click of a button.

Our Equation Technologies team of experts also believe that learning is a journey that never ends. It is a limitless process that keeps you on the path to success. We are continuously learning and upgrading our own skills to better help our clients. We’re happy to see that Sage also feels this way and is offering continuous learning through the many benefits of its exclusive membership. If you have more questions on how Sage training or the Sage Membership can support your business through implementation and beyond, reach out to us at Equation Technologies. We, along with our partner Sage, are glad to be of service!


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