Sage Support Courtesy Call Back Option

Sometimes when you contact Sage Support, call volume is higher and you may be asked if you’d like a courtesy call back. Let’s take a look at how it works and what to expect.


When will you be called back?

Sage will call you back within the same period of time as if you chose to remain on hold (and always on the same day). For example if you are 10th in line when you choose a call back, Sage will call you after finishing with the 9th customer.

What number should you leave for a call back?

If you need to use your office/desk phone while you are waiting for the call back (be sure to include your extension), Sage recommends providing your cell phone number.

What if you miss the call back?

Unfortunately, Sage is not able to keep calling until they reach you. A support rep will leave a message, if possible, but you'll need to call back in again.

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