Thanksgiving fun facts; An accounting perspective

Thanksgiving by the numbers:

Thanksgiving is one of the most enjoyable holidays.  Here's a quick look at some fun facts and statistics surrounding this special holiday.

10 Thanksgiving fun facts:

1. While Christmas ranks as #1, Thanksgiving ranks a close second, as America's favorite holiday

2. It takes 10-12 hours to thaw a 20-24 pound turkey in cold water compared to 5-6 days in a refigerator

3. The Butterball Turkey Hotline answers over 100,000 questions during the the months of November and December

4. 86% of Americans eat turkey on this day

5. Over this holiday weekend there are 24.6 million passengere flying domestically and internationally

6. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade extends a length of 2.5 miles

7. The number of spectators that watch the parade is approximately 3.5 million

8. 28% of Americans will have more than 12 people at their Thanksgiving table

9. The average American travels 24.6 miles to reach their Thanksgiving destination

10. The average number of hours spent cooking the Thanksgiving meal is 7

Wishing you and yours an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

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