What's New In Sage 300

Recent Product Update for Version 2017

The recently-released Product Update 2 (PU2) for Version 2017 included improvements for the both the classic version of Sage 300 as well as new screens and functionality for Sage 300c.

Here's a look at some of the top new features in this newest version of the software.

General Enhancements in Both Products

Here are some new features or improvements to existing features for both Sage 300 and 300c.

More Flexibility in National Accounts – in AR, you can now change the national account for a customer even if there are outstanding transactions.

Improved Validation on P/O Receipt Entry Screen - in Purchase Orders, the Receipt Entry screen now prevents you from entering duplicate invoice numbers for the same vendor.

Improved Error Messages in Day-end Processing - if a problem occurs during day-end processing, improved error messages help you identify the cause of the problem more quickly and easily.

Improved Item Finder - now you find what you're looking for faster with the Item Finder which now includes information on quantities available, committed, on-hand, on purchase order, and on sales order as well as Preferred Vendor (name & number) and Preferred Vendor Item Number.

Sage 300c Web Screens

Sage 300c Version 2017.2 adds a collection of new web screens and enhancements to existing web screens that we'll take a look at here.

Order Entry Web Screen - new web screens for Sage 300c Order Entry include Invoice Entry, Shipment Entry, and Capture Payments with Invoices.

Accounts Receivable Documents - a new Inquiry feature makes it easy to look up A/R documents. It's available from the web toolbar, the A/R Customers screen, and some transaction entry screens in Accounts Receivable and Order Entry.

Simplified Emailing from Web Screens - a new Email tab on the Company Profile screen makes it easier to set up and manage print-to-email settings for web screens.

Check Customer Credit Status - a new Credit Status tab on the A/R Customers web screen displays credit status, outstanding balances, and other credit data for customers and national accounts (This info was previously available only from A/R Customer Inquiry in Sage 300 classic screens).

Sage 300 Classic Screens

The good old Sage 300 Classic screens got a couple of enhancements too. Here's a look.

Easier Print-to-Email Options - a new Email tab on the Company Profile screen makes it easier to set up and manage print-to-email settings for Sage 300 classic screens. You can send email using Microsoft Outlook, or you can select the new 'Use SMTP' option to use an SMTP service to send documents via email.

Custom Price and Credit Limit Overrides - new customization options allow you to customize and specify how unit price limit overrides and credit limit overrides are approved in O/E transaction entry screens.

Notes Before Updating

As with any interim product update, PU2 for Version 2017 is not a full upgrade or product replacement. It is only valid until Sage releases the next product update for Version 2017 or the next full version release of Sage 300 (2018).

Sage 300 and Sage 300c 2017 require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2. If you have not installed .NET Framework 4.6.2, you will be prompted to install it during installation of this product update.

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