What's New in Sage 300 2021


The second product update (Release 2) for Sage 300 2021 is now available. Here’s a look at what’s new in the latest Sage 300 2021.2 update released for availability in April 2021.

New Web Screens

Each new release migrates more of the “traditional” desktop screens over to the newer and more modern web screens. Here are some of the web screens added in product update 2:

  • General Ledger Web Screens
    Includes Account History Inquiry, Budget Maintenance, and Source Currency Inquiry.
  • Accounts Receivable Web Screens
    Includes new web screens for Receipt Inquiry and Refund Inquiry.
  • New Users Web Screens
    New screen used to add and manage user records.
  • Usability Enhancements
    Usability enhancements make Sage 300 easier to use as well as find or enter data more quickly. Available on many web screens, the newly-redesigned Finder function improves search filtering and makes it easier to scan through larger transaction results.
  • For those power users who prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard, new keyboard shortcuts in web screens have been added including Alt + Down Arrow to open the Finder function and the Esc key to close the Finder.

Lastly, Sage 300 2021 Product Update 2 delivers an improved process for printing reports.  Now when printing reports from a report screen or home page widget, the Export Report screen appears in a new browser tab and provides options for saving the report to a file. To print a physical copy of the report, save the file to a PDF and then print.


New Integration with Data Analytics Tool

Through a strategic partnership, Sage announced the launch of Sage Data & Analytics - a modern business intelligence (BI) and data management platform that’s now available and integrated with Sage 300 2021.2.


NOTE: Most enhancements covered in this article are only available with a Sage 300 Subscription License. Contact Us if you have questions about switching from a perpetual license to subscription or need help upgrading to the latest version.



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