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Sage 300 ERP Integration: Eliminating Repetitive Work, Allowing People to Work Faster & Smarter

We Work With You to Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Businesses today collect, use, and maintain a wide variety of data… from Customer Relationship Management, to point-of-sale, order tracking, inventory, shipping, and financial reporting. It is all too easy to wind up with stand-alone packages for each key business function.

Another option, one that maximizes efficiency and minimizes human interaction, is System Integration. System Integration means data transfer from one system or software package to another is automated. In other words, data feeding directly from one program to another, without human intervention.

When system-to-system data flows are automated, valuable human resources are freed to concentrate on managing and interpreting data. Making more sales. Helping customers.

Equation Technologies maintains a programming staff capable of automating/integrating the communications between a number of stand-alone software programs with a particular expertise in Sage 300 (Accpac) Integration. It's all about the most efficient use of human resources.

Your team has many, far more important things to do than enter data manually. Equation closely examines your work flows, in order to uncover ways to make systems talk to other systems, eliminating monotonous and error prone data entry. Ask us how we can help you improve your work flows in order to:

Reduce the amount of employee time needed to process orders, invoices & payments

Send data from one system to another-without human intervention

Translate files, emails or databases into quotes, orders, and sales

Reduce the amount of employee time needed to process orders, invoices & payments

Cut down on the number of data errors caused by manual data entry



Benefits of System Integration

Move employees from data entry (overhead cost) to customer interaction, sales, and revenue generation
Schedule data to process from one system to another when convenient for your work flow, even after hours
System to system data flow results in fewer errors

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